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  1. What excatly is it??

    I've heard people say that its just where you start to freak out and have weird thoughts and let your mind run away without you........Like I get that alot and its not comforting, then i'll get all depressed....Like I get to the point where I'm so nervous and like freaking out where I'll start to throw up from it....Just wondering if anyone can give me some insight please. But when I smoke it usually goes away and I'm perfectly cool with everything.

    I prolly spelled Anxiety wrong also lol.
  2. You spelled it right.

    Anxiety can be nervousness, jumpiness, or just hyper or aggressive. Some people get extreme anxiety to the point where they have a panic attack and start shaking and trembling. I used to have pretty bad anxiety somewhat but its all gone for the most part, I guess it was just a part of growing up ya know?

    For example, i'm ANXIOUSLY awaiting for this one girl to call, she was supposed to call me two hours ago but still hasnt called and im pretty damn horny and hoping she'll come over
  3. Thats what happens....Like I'll get really nervous and start shaking....I'm a pretty tough guy and even like I'll start to maybe cry for no reason and it gets really scary cuz my heart starts pumping and I just feel like the world is gunna end lol(I'm crazy I know).....Should I go see a doctor to see if thats it?Maybe they'll prescribe me valiums!lol
  4. i get like this to. I was wondering if weed might be making it worse for me. If i go a few weeks without smoking it does seem to get better, but maybe its all in my head.
  5. well.. i can tell you the doctor wont perscribe valumes to u for anxiety.. they probibly throw you on something shitty like paxil.. or zoloft or some shit. I would just stick with smokein buds if you say it helps.
  6. i have real bad anxiety when i'm around large groups of people. If i'm in a store and trying to buy something and theres like a million people behind me in line i'll start to panic, one time i couldn't find my money and i started to freak out and i had a panic attack it was like everything in my life went blurry and i didn't know were i was, i thought hrs were going by and it was only a few seconds and some guy tapped me on the shoulder and said he would pay for it for me because it was only like $2. Everything kinda got better then, i went outside and sat down for about 10 min trying to calm down before i started to walk home. I wonder what i would of done if that dude wasn't there to help me out. I always have my money ready now when i buy something, but i really don't like to buy shit i always make my lil bro do it. Its hard for me to find a job because i need to be in a place that doesn't have too many people to i don't end up having a panic attack and getting fired. my parents don't believe me that i have anxiety so they won't help me get meds. I've always been depressed for as long as i can remember, i should probably get meds for that too but i just smoke up instead. Getting high helps me a lot, but its hard to find weed around here and i'm broke so if it was around i'd be fucked anyways.
  7. Yeah, I have really bad anxiety. Not to the point of panic
    attacks, but it keeps me from functioning very well. I just
    smoke up every night and I'm as calm as a three toed sloth.
    Well that, and I enjoy it. I don't need it every night, but if I
    go more than a week without it, I just shut down.

    And for anxiety of that level, my doctor gave me klonopin,
    (Yay, Klonny!).

    Don't like klonopin, because it's an addictive drug, and since
    pot works better for me, and isn't an addictive drug, I'll keep
    smoking, thank you, and to hell with the Klonopin. Wow, that
    one ran on.

    Anyway, see a doctor.
  8. My friend who used to have real bad anxiety, who was from Florida, was prescribed an alternative to xanax.

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