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Anxiety wont let me enjoy weed anymore?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by constantnipple, Apr 26, 2016.

  1. A little background story I've been pretty depressed the last couple months and I've had 3 panic attacks that weren't weed induced ... well except for one "sorta" in november but i could still smoke maybe a month after that with no problem. i had my WORST panic recently and i was hyperventilating hardcore, no sleep, had to go somewhere with my family later even though i hadn't left the house in weeks....bottom line, that day was hell for me and didn't feel 'normal' for about 3-4 days.

    With how my parents are and how tight money is, I've just accepted that I won't be seeing a doctor anytime soon so that's out of question. I have to try to overcome these things myself now.

    Now when I smoke, I just can't relax my mind races, body shakes, i'll feel out of breath and worry about my health... Now I wanna say this weed I have is a good quality sativa that i have A LOT of so I don't want it to go to waste..
    It's frustrating I feel like there's gonna be that guy who says " Don't smoke if it makes you feel that way" but why should that have to be the case? I get the urge to smoke because I think of past days when I used to smoke having a good time with myself listening to music... well it's not the same anymore unfortunately .... and I think it's bullshit.


    Is there any way i could possibly still smoke and NOT feel this way?
  2. How much do you smoke a day?

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  3. I only started smoking again recently about 2 weeks ago and only smoked maybe 4 days total since then. I'll take a couple hits of my pipe but yesterday i smoked half of a joint.
  4. it's your nipples, bro. you gotta be less constant with them shits
    give them badboys the morning off!
  5. Lmfao. What the fuck?

    Sade's outdoor Bigfoot territory grow
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  6. :dance2:my nipples are in turkey
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  7. You should be using indica. You sound like you have some stressful issues. Stay alway from sativa. If you do mix it with indica. Sativa gives burst energy, racing thoughts focus ect. It also depends when the grower pulled it(pulling too fast gives racing thoughts, headaches, ect)Indica will callm, you down and melt the stress. If you don't want a full couch lock. Get a hybrid but mostly indica for you.

    Also think about trying cbd strains if possible. Keep the weed you got, but get more indica, mix a bowl together. Again more indica for you.

    If you ever decide to grow or maybe want to get a better idea of what I mean,go here. Buy Marijuana (Cannabis) Seeds from MSNL

    If you click on. A strain they have a pictures. One pictures like a pie chart kinda, and shows you the effects of their strains and how heavy they are.
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  8. Because of reality? Don't smoke more than a puff, if that makes you paranoid give it up, smoking's not for you. And forget about going to a doctor, what's he going to do, give you a pill so you could smoke pot without getting paranoid?
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  9. The reality of the situation is YES I do get anxious but weed itself isn't the direct cause of it. And I don't want drugs from a doctor but therapy would be nice though.
  10. on experience i will tell you as much as weed can alleviate certain feelings of stress or pain, it can also exacerbate them. if your weed tends to fuel your anxiety, try an indica dominant strain ( at least to measure your reaction ) sativas will tend to make your mind racy. if your verdict is the same, you should probably try to rid yourself of your anxieties before indulging in the green. it might not be for you right now but in 5 years it might be your best friend. good luck
  11. Maybe a doctor can talk you out of your anxiety? I used to get anxiety and that panic feeling when I got high. It was usually when I was fucking up in other parts of my life, like getting far behind in my responsibilities or taking on way too much risk in the stock market and when I got high I worried about it. Is there some part of your life you're trying to avoid thinking about? Like something (or nothing) going on at school that's weighing on your mind? Are you nearing the point in your life where you become independent but you haven't done the work to prepare yourself for your future and now you feel pressure because you have no plan? Maybe when you were having a good time smoking before this started your future was still in the future and now that it's in front of you, you worry because you're not prepared. Anxiety comes for a reason, it's your subconscious telling you to take care of business. When you're prepared for what may come there's no need for worry.

    There you go, now you've had therapy. That'll be 25 cents. And I've never noticed that much of a difference in a Sativa from an Indica. Don't expect switching weed variety to change anything.
  12. It's about to get personal:biggrin:
    Yeah, I dropped out of school (which was due to a mixture of focus issues along with anxiety and I had many self esteems issues thrown in that prevented me from wanting to put effort into anything) and now I'm finishing my senior year online but I still suffer from the chronic procrastination that I had in normal school. I guess I got so deep into the habit over the years that it's hard to get out of it and I worry about my studies. Ironically, switching to online school did NOT 'solve all my problems' like I assumed and I've isolated myself from my friends (who i always had a good time with them and effortlesly made them laugh) nd have alienated the outside world which has caused me even MORE anxiety. I don't have a good relationship with my older brother we bullied each other when we were younger and don't talk anymore even though we live in the same house. I don't drive yet and a job is out of the question for now until I finish (or at least catch up ) in my classes. I also for sure fear criticism and being judged and take it personally, I wish I wouldn't, but after thinking a certain way for so long it's difficult to change your mindset (at least that's my case

    After that long paragraph of venting I suppose that's why I wish I could smoke weed and feel fine when I do. I'd rather indulge in some bud rather than take stress out with drugs and alcohol. Not saying I want weed to cure these things but it'd be nice to wind down for a bit sometimes.
  13. also extremely obsessive over my health and i think i have every disease in the world. here is 50 cents
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  14. Good news, for the extra quarter here's the cure. Stop procrastinating right now. Taking care of problems as they come up allows you to relax and enjoy life. It's that underlying worry that's causing your anxiety and panic. And don't worry over your health, you're young and basically healthy so worrying is wasted energy. Eat healthy, exercise, and let the chips fall. We all get sick and die eventually so why waste your life obsessing over it. We each get this one brief moment in the universe to experience reality and then it's over, we'll experience the future after we're dead just as we did before we were born so don't blow it over such small shit. Do what you can as well as you can and fuck the outcomes, we have no control over that so relax.
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