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Anxiety With Weed

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by bdk2jw, Jun 12, 2013.

  1. Please help me out.
    ok so I have had a huge problem related to weed. I smoked one day and had a panic attack and that brought out my anxiety in me. My dad has had anxiety for years and weed brought it out in me for sure. The thing is is now I don't smoke. I can't think of a reason why other than it being my anxiety. Whenever I'm offered I just say like no just because idk why. I use to smoke like every day. I have some killer fire right now and I won't smoke it. There is no main reason but I believe it's anxiety holding me back. Please help me get over this, I really want to smoke but something inside of me is making me not.

  2. Try smoking in the most relaxed environment possible.
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    Welcome to me circa 2006.
    I smoked for about 6 months on a regular basis when I had a panic attack one night. It scared the bejesus out of me, I literally thought I was going to die. Unfortunately, due to that experience I developed GAD (Generalized Anxiety Disorder) and I haven't smoked since. For months on end I was in a constant state of irrational fear, suffered from panic attacks and I was prescribed a lose dosage of Xanax. Several years passed before I kicked my anxiety and now I'm relatively anxiety free, but man, it was the worst period of my entire life.
    My naivety in regards to smoking and anxiety in general certainly didn't help. Thinking about or even looking at weed use to trigger my anxiety, now it barely bothers me. Anyway, if you're not comfortable smoking then I'd suggest quitting or taking a hiatus otherwise you might make matters worse. Obviously we're all built differently so how each and everyone one of us responds/copes will vary.
    Look at it this way: Assuming you smoke for recreational purposes, what's more important? A bit of fun, or your mental health? If you do decide to smoke (and happen to have access to medicinal strains), try smoking Indica dominant strains and don't smoke too much. Whatever your decision, good luck! I know how it feels and wouldn't wish it upon anyone.
  4. I dunno if it's an PA for me. But if I take too much I start getting anxious, and find if I gtfo of where ever I am and just go for a walk I calm down. So I try to dose less (yea, this means not getting suuper stoned), and that works. If I dose heavy, I go out for a walk for a bit to calm down. 
    I find Indica's also are less anxiety inducing than Sativa's, due to their CBD:THC ratio being higher. The Sativa's will give you a more psychedelic trip, thus more anxiety causing. Stick to the kush.
  5. it used to happen a little when i was younger but now i really enjoy smoking it. what i find helps is to do it later on at night and set yourself up before you do it so you don't have to do anything, you want to be able to smoke and have a relax.
    having something nice to eat and drink might calm you down or if you are a smoker you can go out and have a cigarette and if not have another joint :)
  6. After your tolerance goes up it goes away..unless u smoke sativa doms
  7. Music and the magical words "fuck it" work wonders for me.
  8. This happens to me all the time.  I haven't smoked in months because of it.  Try having a couple of beers before you smoke.  And don't smoke ridiculous amounts.  Especially if you've got really good stuff.  Take a couple of hits and wait a few minutes.  You can always smoke some more if you're not where you want to be.
    Sorry to hear that weed triggered your anxiety.  That's what happened to me.
  9. Your post surprised me. I was actually expecting to read something about how smoking has helped your anxiety, not provoked it. I have pretty severe anxiety (I've been diagnosed with GAD & PTSD in the past) and smoking has done nothing but help the situation. My only suggestion to you would be to make sure that you are comfortable and happy whenever you decide to light up. Make sure you're in a place that you feel safe in and, if you're with other people, that they are people you trust and are happy around. I'm really sorry that you're experiencing this. Anxiety and panic attacks are the worst; I feel for you.

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