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Anxiety while smoking an anti anxiety strain???

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by TSULLI, May 26, 2010.

  1. A buddy of mine was telling me about how sometimes when he smokes an strain meant for anti anxiety he gets panic attacks... He says that he gets so relaxed that it scares him and in turn starts to make him panic... Has anyone had any experience with this?

    I am just curious as to why that happens... sounds kinda trippy.
  2. All in the head, If your smoking an anti anxiety strain then your going to be thinking about not getting a panic attack, if you have any thoughts relative to anything to do with anxiety then there is that thought in your head whether it be good or bad it is still a though about anxiety.

    So i say stick with a strain you like, chillout and dont get anything to do anxiety in your head.

    (you/your = friend)
  3. Haha not kidding it really is a buddy of mine (I wouldnt be embarrassed if it was me lol). I was just wondering cuz its sounds kinda odd... But what you are saying does make sense. just gota go with what happens and not worry about panic i guess haha. Thanks man.
  4. Oh nah, i meant in the explanation that where i wrote you/your is actually meant for your friend lol.

    I worded it bad because im blazed as fuck :bongin::smoke:

  5. You are seriously missing the point. MJ is not going to solve your friends or your own anxiety problems.

    Diazepam would be of more use IMO. If your docs and shrinks insist on using SSRI's or DRI's tell them NO!

    Things 'chemically made in a lab somewhere' save peoples lives every fucking day.

    I reached a point in my life where I could no longer smoke weed to mask the discomfort that my anxiety was causing, because the weed started making life worse.

    My insurance company even groups Anxiety in with what they call 'biological based illnesses" (i.e schizophrenia or bi-polar disorder). It's a real chemical imbalance and IMHO getting high to cope is not the answer.

    I know because I tried for twenty fucking years!!!

    You seem like a nice young person. Give your docs another chance regarding the panic attack/anxiety issues. Be firm and go with a tried and true benzo if you really feel that your life in in a state of disorder.

    Sorry for the rant. But I did 20 years of SSRI's, pot, coke, research chems and drinking and when I finally stopped them (except for some occasional Indica use for another stupid health issue) I realized what a load of fucking shit they were for Anxiety.

    Best of Luck:)

  6. I'm sorry that cannabis didn't work for you, but that doesn't mean that it's not right for everyone. Just as benzos aren't right for everyone. I can tell you that MMJ works wonders for my anxiety (especially social anxiety). The thing is, though, that you shouldn't use only cannabis/benzos to take care of your anxiety. You need to be talking to a counselor, as well, to get at the root of your anxiety.

    OP, the anxiety he's feeling is all in his head. It sounds like he's greening out a little bit, which means he's smoking too much. Tell him to smoke less, and let him know that the "relaxed" feeling he gets is perfectly normal. That just means the weed is doing what it's supposed to do. Nothing bad will happen to him from smoking too can't overdose, but if your mind isn't ready to handle that amount of weed, you can have a panic attack.

    I hope this helps. Have a great day, dude! :wave:
  7. I think if people used weed for their anxiety and depression, they might as well try to meditate and realize a different state of comprehension so they can help themselves. By calming yourself to the point of an outside perspective, it gives the user a chance to really explore what they need to do, why they need to do it, how it would help, and gives them a chance to calm down.

    You have to be of total acceptence for mary to work for you.
  8. ^ Respect. Nail on the fucking head. These types of professionals are there for a reason and it's because they really want to help people (if you were a doc would you want to be on call 24/7 and deal with other peoples personal issues?)

    I hope that you can find someone that you trust and believe in to help you your with this issue. :)
  9. Great post ^. The only problem is that some people are in such an acute panic mode that meditation is not an option. They need to be "talked down" so to speak before any healing can occur, hence my hope that the OP will find a doc that they can relate to before they begin self-medicating.
  10. When you feel the fear, hit that fucking pipe again. Counterintuitive, I know.
  11. I am off of all benzos since I got addicted to Valium and they way fucked up my whole system. I was agitated for years. My daughter is currently addicted to Xanax at the regular prescribed dosage just like I was with the Valium. It is a bad thing to go on benzos believe me. Way worse in the long run. Yeah they work - then they bite you in the ass!

  12. Exactly... that is one reason I hate pills... I have heard so many horror stories.
  13. #13 Totah Sam, May 29, 2010
    Last edited: May 29, 2010
    Speaking as someone struggling with PTSD and constant panic attacks that NO COUNSELOR can fix. I have found that New York Diesel and Trainwreck are two wonderful strains to combat anxiety. I had a thread up showing my deliveries but some big ass babies started bitching saying I was "showing off." So I deleted the thread.

    But like a lot of people are saying on this forum, everyone is different. What works for one won't work for another. Try the NY Diesel. That has been the best so far. It's a little higher in sativa than indica so you're not dealing with couch lock. Also the indica balances out the sativa so you don't have too much energy that could trigger a panic attack.

    Talk to one of the Medical Marijuana doctors. I'm sure they can give you some good advice on what to choose.
  14. Benzos are terrible, go on them for a year or two and see if you recognize the person in the mirror, they make you a zombie,
    BTW; once you start taking benzos for an extended period of time you gotta take more and more to get the original effect and theyre much harder to kick than opiates

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