Anxiety when smoking alone

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  1. Hey, my first thread on the forums btw :) I have smoked weed on and off for like 3 months, but never alone. After me and my friend got hold of some ive been trying to smoke alone (Where i live its impossible to get weed and its insanely expensive)

    So after smoking 4 days in a row with my friends and having fun i tried smoking alone in a big empty house. This totally fucked me up. I have to clarify this was at night, so thats probably the reason why i got so paranoid. But this really made me doubt being able to smoke again, but with friends no matter the time and place im always in a fucking great mood. Maybe the felling of being "safe" makes the weed journey better for me.

    This was just a little story, anyone else have had this or any suggestions?
  2. Smoke indica strains instead
  3. Sadly where i live, if we want anything we can specify which strain we like. We either get green or hash
  4. Smoke the hash instead or make edibles with hash for a bit and see if the anxiety goes. If not you should consider stopping smoking.
  5. Thanks for the suggestion. Ive stopped smoking alone, but ill continue with my friends :)
  6. It might be because of tolerance (if you've been smoking on n off for 3 months) I used to get the same when I was only smoking once or twice a week but once my tolerance went up a bit it went away. I find turning on the tv or listening to music when I'm by myself and starting to get anxious helps
  7. You were scared as balls in a house other than yours with spirits and shit -know the feeling all too well bruh

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  8. Thanks for all the replies btw! Ive tried smoking alone, but in my own place and with friends. I had a great time both times. much love
  9. I think you have simply smoked to much. Try smoking slower; it takes a while to fully take effect.

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  10. You could try some extra CBD. I have some CW Hemp CBD capsules I recently started taking for some extra pain relief and it definitely makes the highs more mellow and chill for me.Takes the edge off the anxiety for me, too.
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  11. whole black peppercorns! use to alleviate anxiety from cannabis use or life in general... chew on a whole peppercorn for future relief or mortar pestle to a fine powder and smell for instant relief= No Shit!
  12. My buddy smoked some really good weed one time and literally patrolled his house with a knife for an hour, locking all the windows n doors n shit.

    Alright, full disclosure: My buddy was me and the knife was my dick.

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