Anxiety, IBS, failing school - advice?

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  1. i can't take this shit anymore. I just got back from campus, because i left after i just got there- couldnt stop vomiting. The problem is, this is normal for me, and has been my whole life - but for the first time, its getting more intense, and affecting my school work. In highschool, it never mattered how sick i got, i still always did well. Now, i get sick, miss class, and i'm fucked. I have been diagnosed with IBS, and with general anxiety, and my doctors as well as myself are all pretty sure its the anxiety that causes the IBS. Regardless, i still get sick often even when i don't think i'm stressed. I usually get bad stomach cramps and diarrhea when it happens, but nausea and vomiting is just as common.

    Now i'm stressin, because i just missed the 2nd class in a row (and theres only been two!!!!) of this particular class. This is exactly how i fucked my entire semester up last year, and i can't have it happen again. It blows, because i really can't help it... i get sick.

    Even my mom isn't consoling anymore - she just makes me feel like shit now and tells me its something i'm going to have to deal with, since nothing in the world seems to help with the agonizing symptoms. this isn't something i can simply "deal with" without going insane. I dno, i guess im just pissed, sick and looking for any kind of advice or kind words or similar experiences. Excuse me while i go pray to the porcelain god
  2. man same shit here i have extreme anxiety and am failing school :(
  3. Could you explain IBS to me? Irritable Bowel Syndrome? Does that make you throw up? Sorry, I'm uninformed. As soon as I figure that out, I'll try to help you out abit, since I used to suffer from extreme anxiety (specifically social anxiety).

  4. Yea IBS is a disorder of the colon so I'm failing to see the correlation between IBS and vomiting. Generally it involves fits of extreme diarrhea, constipation, abdominal pain, etc but I'm not sure about vomiting.

  5. yep, irritable bowel syndrome. It usually hits me in the morning, within 30 minutes of waking up (can just wake up with it too). Usually, it lasts a few hours - it goes in cycles. For about 20 minutes, the pain/cramps in my abdomin build up until it reaches unbearable pain. It hurts so bad that im covered in sweat, blah blah. When the pain gets so bad, i take a huge shit, and the pain goes away, and the cycle starts over again, repeating until theres no shit left in me. Other times, i get nauseas and puke, like today, and sometimes the two are combined together. Its hell on earth and the symptoms are probable as bad as a stomach cancer patient, except ibs isn't fatal
  6. the vommiting is a relatively new thing to me, it used to only be the abdominal pain, but as of late, its been coming in the form of puke too, and its annoying as hell. I think both are reactions of the anxiety, but i think they are also both reactions of the IBS, since i think the IBS is anxiety induced. Either way, its fucking hell and doctors have no answers, i've tried it all

    i couldn't tell you - i've had ibs since i can remember - sick every single day in elementary school. I never realized i had anxiety until just a few years ago.
  7. Get it registered with the school, email the teacher of the class you missed and explain your situation, usually teachers will be nice and help ones who have an illness out!
    Also, you just need to be at eas in life, i get stomach aches when i get nervous, but not to your extent... Maybe try going to the vitamin store and by some things to help relax you, and maybe even some b12 drops to keep you up right happy!

  8. Are you seeing a general practitioner or a gastroenterologist? If you're not seeing a Gastro, you really need to as they specialize in it and can be of more help than a GP
  9. I can see how IBS would effect you but to me just being in college would be anxiety for me haha

  10. yea i've been to the gastro - had a colonoscopy, endoscopy - the whole shabang. He didn't really even know what to tell me and really had nothing to give me. I've tried a bunch of different meds but none really work. Sometimes blazing gets rid of it, sometimes not. Same thing with Soma's. The anxiety blows, but its manageable. The IBS is just straight up debilitating and makes it impossible to function.
  11. Is there any way you can give somebody you know in your class a tape recorder and have them record each lecture for you? That way if you absolutely can't make it you can still listen to the lecture, as opposed to maybe just looking over/copying someone's (often crappy) lecture notes.

    I remember you saying a while back that cannabis really helps with your IBS. Is it not doing the trick anymore? How about switching to edibles, or maybe getting yourself a vaporizer?

    I'm sorry your IBS causes you so much pain man. That really sucks. I hope you can find some kind of resolution to this problem.
  12. Anxiety is an iron-clad bitch.

    I strongly advise talking with a therapist, preferably a psychologist (folks with MAs in counseling are nice folks, but are not trained in Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy).

    Going through anxiety/depression/isolation and all the things in that nexus of issues is really difficult, and despite the support of friends it isn't something that we can just 'snap out of.'

    Good understanding therapist (school likely has psychologists on staff) is pure win for shit like this.
  13. Stoner Lukas had some great advice, regarding the tape recorder. What I suggest though, is talking to all your professors to explain your absence with the proper medical papers to back up your claim. If that doesn't do much, talk to dean of your school, and explain the situation..i'm sure a compromise can be reached where you don't end up flunking uni. It sucks bro, I've been there, and I'm doing the community college thing right now. You actually have a legit illness, and universities should accommodate people who have to deal with something like that.
  14. To be completely blunt, you're going to have to find a way to cope with the IBS and anxiety if you want to do well in school. Have you been seeing a doctor regarding the IBS and your anxiety? There may be something that they can put you on to help regulate your anxiety which sounds like it would help.

    If you have anxiety you have to start finding a way to manage it. If you don't manage your own symptoms, things are going to get worse. There is no golden answer that comes down from above and frees us from our suffering, whatever that may be, so it's up to you to make yourself feel better, or to at least learn to manage your symptoms. A lifestyle change, a diet change, something.

    When I was in high school I got these horrible stomachaches, I couldn't do anything for days and I got them all the time. Once I learned to manage my own stress level, they stopped, and I literally haven't gotten them ever again. At the time they were saying that I had IBS or Crohns, but I'm telling you that now I'm fine.

    I would start with seeing a doctor and asking what you can do to relieve your symptoms. Good luck, I'm sorry you're suffering.

    Edit: The tape recorder is a great idea, as is having a buddy to take notes for you. You also should inform your teachers of what is going on as they may be sympathetic and help you stay caught up in class.
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    whats your diet like, which suplments you taking,what foods are you avoiding, i hope you realised by now that you have to hold your urges if you're not feeling good.

    diaharea is usually looked to being cold. ever have cold hands or feet? cold can actually be trapped in the internal organs so you always have to keep yourself warm. you cant have anything cold, nothing above room temperature. no fructose, no glutin, no high fat(meaning no junk food). it cold be extra bile being created which is a natural laxative so you can get the medication presecribed from a doctor. its called habba syndrome, its just being recognized now and they say 1 in 5 people with ibs actually have habba. it was a show mystery diagnosis a while ago. or you can eat certain foods which i researched for it like cookd chick peas,black eye beans. most important thing is to keep yourself warm, hot, drink hot teas an no cold drinks at all. you can try supplements like probiotics, calcium carbonate tablets, to decrease urgency try immodium if you need it to go to class.

    best part about ibs is that it can be managed. try typing in IBS forum in on google and go
  16. Shit, Im sorry. I know how you feel, slightly. I am failing school and going through shit thanks to my anxiety too. Agoraphobia sucks. Not too familar with IBS.

    Do you go to a pyschologist or anything? Get some sedatives, benzos usually help me get through school. I hope I don't fail my senior year because of my anxiety, I feel ya. Best of luck to you. You can go to a psychiatrist and get them to write you a note to the school or w/e, s'what I did. DO NOT take god damn antidepressants for your anxiety though, fuckin' ruined my life and now I can't get off of 'em. Just a warning if you do go to a psychiatrist.

    Dude, fuck what your mom said. Make sure you have someone there for you. Im here for ya, m8.

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