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Anxiety and Weed, is this dangerous?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by BenLeve, Jan 17, 2014.

  1. ey guys, i dont want to go on for too long so ill try break it down for you:

    I have had relatively long periods of high stress / depression in the past few years but nothing serious
    im not really healthy, not fat but half way, ive had times where i eat Fast Food three / four times a week

    Run down of my life:

    Age 1-19: Relatively normal upbringing other than moving between homes a lot

    Reverse Dejauvu Feeling:
    I remember this feeling i used to get in my teens where i would just zone in and out for a second
    and wonder what just happened, like a reverse dejavu.
    This happened very rarely and usually when i was standing up and never thought about it much

    Age 19: Try Marijuana for the first time, amazing

    Age 20: Have a huge panic attack after i take massive amounts of Marijuana,<span> </span>
    my vision was tripping out like this as i looked down at my iphone
    end up calling an ambulance because i think im dying: My first real Panic Attack. 
    Turns out everything was fine but they were 100% sure there was something else in my weed

    Age 20-22: Few panic attacks during weed smoking but nothing as serious as first

    I basically went on a 4 year non stop Weed binge during these times. Panic attacks were rare.

    Age 21: I think my left eye is giving out because my vision is getting blurry. Have a huge panic<span> </span>
    but turns out im just short sighted and this happens to a lot of people as they hit their 20s.
    Never bothers me again.

    What im currently worried about:

    Age 22: I begin to feel kinda weird at the end of my highs. 

    • When im in my bed (3am-ish) trying to sleep (notably in the absence of light)
    • its like im processing but forgetting at the same time, its like the lights go off in my head but my eyes are still open.
    • Its like a feeling of disorientation, memory lapses that take me out and back in.
    • Similar to the reverse dejavu i used to have in my teens but really really dragged out.
    • My vision is fine but its like the function that records short term memories just stops.
    • Only seconds are passing but it seems like ages for me.
    • Looking at my wall, as im seeing it, im forgetting it then remembering where i am.
    • 99% of this happens when im standing up after long periods of sitting or in dark areas
    I panicked after it started happening really frequently almost went on for hours
    I went to the doctor and he said its brought on by stress/anxiety and prescribed me Propranolol.
    After he told me all this saying it was anxiety caused and took my blood pressure etc, it went down considerably.

    I took the propranolol and whilst it didnt go away completely, it subsided 80%.

    Age 23:

    I give up Marijuana to see if its the weed causing it.

    During the 2 months i stayed sober, it rarely but still happened. 
    Only happened when i went outside or if i was going upstairs to sleep.
    Like once i went to the jewellers and whilst he was talking, i zoned out completely 
    and whilst you couldnt tell by looking at me, inside i was getting that "reverse dejavu feeling"
    like only few seconds were passing it felt like ages, disorientation.

    Now (Im still 23)

    I still have anxiety of the mind (propranolol helps my body anxiety) but i can still be social. 
    The memory lapse still happens, like twice a day for a few minutes as opposed to ages/hours before.

    If it does happen, i dont feel scared because i just think its caused by stress/anxiety and it goes away by itself. Usually when my attention is fixated on something else.

    Ive tried finding matching symptoms with a lot of serious conditions to no availability 
    brain tumours, alzhemiers, schizophrenic etc nothing sounds like it. Family history is pretty much good. No mental illness etc.

    Ive asked for a blood test just in case

    but what do you think? Should i go back to my doctor and ask for serious tests?

    The reason why im curious is because the eye thing bothered me then it turned out it was nothing / anxiety causing fear that something was wrong,
    the weed body pain thing bothered me, turned out it was just a panic attack.

    Could anxiety / weed effects cause this lapse in short term memory / eyes open but mind flogging? I can recall all times where i was worrying about it or when it was happening, so its not like the memories arent being stored or recorded...

    I know its long but any help would make the world of difference...

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    Have you been checked for epilepsy?  A long-ago friend, Joey, had what was called petite mal seizures- I think they call it an absence seizure now. He would just totally space out for half a minute or so and then "come back down to Earth" a bit dazed feeling. No shaking or tremors, he was just "gone" for a bit. You might run a search on it.
    As for panic attacks, try some cannabis that still has some CBD in it! CBD, although it has no high, balances out the THC high and prevents panic attacks and the memory problems that THC can bring.
    Cannabidiol inhibits THC-elicited paranoid symptoms and hippocampal-dependent memory impairment.        (abst – 2012)
    These dudes have info on CBD strains-  
    CBD is also VERY helpful for seizures- it's what the kids with Dravet's syndrome are taking for their non-stop seizures. 
    Families migrate to Colorado for marijuana miracle          (news – 2013)
    Hope that helps-

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