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Anxiety And Smoking - Wtf

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by om namah shivaya, Jun 20, 2013.

  1. Hey Basically, I suffer from anxiety - social and general. I have read a lot of different things about different strains and their effects and some people unanimously say indicas are better for anxiety, some say pure sativas. So I am not sure what to think. Anyways, I started smoking about a year and a half ago. When I first started, it made me feel wonderful..deep, pondering, meditative highs. Then after a while, my anxiety started to creep back and I got really bad paranoia and anxiety whilst smoking. About 6 months later I cut waaay back on the amount I smoked to just little pinches of finely ground weed, and although it still made me feel anxious, with concentration (and being alone) I was able to keep my anxiety under control. Currently I am not smoking because of the anxiety it gave me. Why do you blades think my anxiety got so bad but was completely under control in the beginning (when I first started smoking)? I should also note that when I was smoking I was not in one of the 18 states, so I don't really know what strains I was smoking. I hope one day to be able to smoke again, with the hopes that I can regain that kind of calm that I first experienced. Thanks so much and sending you good vibrations!!!  :smoke: 

  2. Is there something on your mind dude? Do you think a lot when you're high?
  3. Same thing happened to me. I had been smoking 3 years straight and then a few months ago i had hardcore anxiety/paranoia when i smoked and along with that i had flashbacks if you know what i mean. The way i got over it is to talk myself down, tell yourself it's only weed and you're only feeling that way because you are making it happen wether it be consciously or not. Then after you calm down start asking yourself what is causing you to feel that way in the first place. Once you identify what's really causing the anxiety try and fix it. Youi won't fix it overnight but making progress makes you feel better about yourself and life and can be the boost you need to enjoy smoking again.
    Just remember when you get anxious think to yourself "It will be over in 4 hours, noone has ever died from this and it can't make you go insane." it's all about mindset man.
  4. i agree with what SiriusWolff said
    couldn't have said it better
  5. Short answer: like I said I don't currently smoke but when I was I was going through a sort of transition period where I was figuring a lot of stuff out about myself. So yes to your second question. 
    I guess my mind races.
  6. Well that leads me to believe that you just think a lot in general. I know how hard it is to stop, trust me man, me of all people know what a bitch anxiety can be, but it's all in your thought process. The way you perceive things and think about the way life works, and even figuring stuff out about yourself and who you are all play a major role in the way you feel about the world. Give it a try dude. Try not to stress the little things and see how you feel.
  7. Thanks man. I appreciate your words but I'm sure you know if you are giving the advice that it's a lot easier said than done! :D It's something I struggle with every day. I have been to therapy since high school (I'm 22 now) and haven't really found a lot of help with that. All they want to to is prescribe medication. So yeah. But definitely you got it spot on I'm not just like that when I'm high I'm like that all the time. I'm sure figuring stuff out will help too..right now I'm in a holding which I mean I've got some stuff sorta figured out but I'm waiting to carry it out until my financial situation changes and I can be more independent. I guess that's a shitty reason to not live the life you want to be living but we all have to make sacrifices right. Anyways I kind of derailed that sorry lol.
  8. That's true, but believe me, it's as easy as calming yourself down when you feel an attack coming on. Reassure yourself that you're fine, you're not in any danger, and you're nice an relaxed and in a great mood. The simple things in life make you enjoy yourself. And you're just hanging out, doing your thing, I don't know, going to dinner with a few friends. And everything's going great. You're engaging in entertaining conversation with your pals, eating some good food. What's better than just kicking back and relaxing like that? You have the power to make it happen man. If you want to defeat this thing you're going to have to make more of an effort than ever before and you really have to give it all that you've got because sure, it can be an easy path to walk down, but it can also be a real bitch if you let it be. And that's where the 'new you' comes in. The new you doesn't let that bitch win and puts her in her place, somewhat effortlessly. Good luck bro. :)
  9. you mightve been a lightweight and smoked some sativa, cuz i know when i used to smoke sativa it would paranoid me out, now after a 9 month break i started smoking again and i got some good sativa and its making me paranoid about getting caught. but i did just get off 9 mo probation so our situations are prob different.
  10. thanks man. that means a lot. especially coming from you since you say you've experienced bad anxiety before. i won't let this beat me, i've battled it my whole life but i know i can overcome it. and i don't need expensive medicines or that DBT/CBT crap they tried to throw on me. all i need is to control my mind, because it's all in my head. and i can either be a prisoner to myself or be set free. exactly like you said, it's only gonna be a bitch if i let it be! peace man
  11. I get an anxiety bro when I haven't smoked in a whole. Set and setting :smoking:
  12. Could the change have come from who ur smoking with?
    or where ur smoking ?
    ive smoked places and felt hella axiety b/c i didnt feel safe in the enviornment
  13. If it comes from perceived "loss of control", it may not get much better because the more you are stoned, the less in control you will feel.
    Maybe some easy-going Indica if you don't need to be busy.  Basically, be comfortable and in YOUR element and you will feel in control and have a much better time.
    I get anxiety if I get couch locked when I need to get shit done.  Makes me a wreck.
  14. 4 keys things to escape anxiety/panic attacks.
    1-setting. Also be in a safe setting to avoid paranoia 
    2-mindset. Happy mindset equals good vibe and good high. Also don't over think it leads to paranoia. I had this problem with the cops.
    3-People/friends- if you have really good friends that you enjoy being with .that can make a good vibe
    4-Breathing. If you get anxiety take deep breaths lay back and relax. Remember that there are 0 deaths from smoking marijuana. 
    have a good day :wave:  :bongin:
  15. I literally just made an account to ask about the same thing.
    I've had the same problem. Smoked about a year and a half, started getting anxious when I smoked but kept doing it daily because I thought it would go away after a while, but after a few months of doing that I decided to stop. The last time I smoked I had an anxiety attack right in front of two of my closest friends.. I now have anxiety daily even when I don't smoke and only feel a relief from it every other month or so.. It's become a very big problem in my life.
    I heard CBD is really good for anxiety. Does anyone know of a way to get pure CBD out of my weed? Or is there some type of tincture I could make/buy? If someone could get back to me on this it would be much appreciated.
  16. Meditation helps a lot, just do 7 seconds in and out deep breathing or lay down and pay attention to your exhalations and imagine you're sinking down/relaxing on every exhale, give the inhales on conscious attention. Meditate 10 - 15 minutes, longer if you want, but you might fall asleep.
    BTW if you meditate before you medicate, the experience will be better and less anxiety based. esp. the 7 second breath, just wow.
  17. #17 UniqueGrass, Jul 10, 2013
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    To get pure CBD, you'd need an extensive laboratory procedure with expensive equipment, but there is a way to put MORE CBD in your body... edibles
    The longer you cook the weed, the more THC is broken down and converted into CBD, but THC-A is also being converted into THC, so it'll still be potent, but a lot more relaxing with a GREAT body high/couch lock. Scroll down in the first post to the "June 8th 2011" statement, there's an oil recipe under it (also decarb), you can cook it longer if you want (like instead of 45 min do 1 hour). Also, you can use clarified butter instead of coconut oil, but the product won't be as potent (still potent though since butter has med-chain triglycerides). Just don't use any type of vegetable oil (canola, soybean, olive, etc.) because they don't convert in the liver (THC ---> 4x more potent 11-hydroxy-THC).
    You can also make cannabutter, cooking for 12 hours will make the butter have a lot CBD. In a crock pot (you can stovetops, but be careful), melt butter, then bring heat down to a 1 or 2 and add your ground weed in. Leave overnight, put in fridge until butter solidifies and dump out all the nasty water. Melt butter and strain. And make some great pot cookies! Enjoy.
    Also if you have anymore question, browse or post in the edible section.

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