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Anxiety and medical cannabis

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by S.tatty, Sep 1, 2017.

  1. Hey everyone to whom may read this..I'm Sara..I'm a tattoo artist.

    I have large amounts of anxiety but have had it for I'm doing something about it..went cannibis my experience recreationally back in the day..sativa worsens my anxiety. I've tried out a few strains..some hybrid and indicas..and I literally only do one toke..two if I'm brave. How ever..I've noticed I still feel anxious..with hybrids ..and indicas help me sleep..but I have anxiety during the day...what to can I handle some hybrids..even though I know my 1-2 toke limit n still feel anxious..heart pounds..and dizzyness makes me uncomfortable of a feeling.

    Hopefully y'all can suggest or help..thank you!

  2. Do you have access to some of the high CBD strains? It sounds like you're in a medical or legal state. You also may want to try a tincture and micro dose with that. For tincture directions see Psychedelic Sam's Another Tincture thread in the edible section. I wish you luck and no anxiety, mate.
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  3. meditation, dancing, laughter sessions, deep breathing, refocusing the mind on pleasurable things.
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  4. Aw thank you very much :)..I am actually from Toronto Canada! Haha so yes I'd say I do have access..high CBD strains I'd have to order online from is accessable..I think that's what I am thinking as well to help with anxiety during the day..high CBD ..I've researched about "CBD shark".. defenitly wanting to try that...the strains I have right now is "OG kush , purple dream, rock star, earth dream , cotton candy kush "..I find Rockstar helps the best with sleep .for me..cotton candy kush..i can't handle n that's supposed to be during the day for me..I don't know if it's because of low tolerance's worsening anxiety (Cotton candy kush)
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  5. Aw thank you for your input! :) ..I've been doing some self care for sure..
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  6. Do you smoke before you tattoo people? I wouldn't want to get inked by anyone who'd been using any form of drugs even if Kat von d offered a tattoo if she was high I'd pass it up..

  7. Oh god no , Absolutely not.i must claorify this.. this is actually very oposit...I've been tattooing for 9 years..I am generally not a weed smoker at all..however...I've had anxiety for many years. And in certain situations my anxieties worsen..Hense at work..and it's hard to control to feel calm...long story Short.. I'm taking a break from tattooing..focusing on fixing my anxiety..and then get back to work once I am manageable of my no lol I do not smoke..before work all..I am actually out of work..n focusing on me .. taking care of myself..and also going to counseling sessions aswell...I've put many people first before myself..and now it's my turn.. hopeufly I have cleared your concern..or anyone elses concerns :)
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  8. Thats cool then what kinda tattoos do you like doing the most?
  9. Procure some CBD oil, wax or flower and use this alongside the THC, if you haven't already.
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  10. I am in the same boat, avoid hybrids with sativa heavyness if I can, have to take baby tokes if sativa heavy. Even some edibles made from sativas are too racy for me and others. For myself I am adding CBD to the mix, I have used around 3g of CBD isolate, I top bowls, have used as is and I can for sure see some improvements although sleep has been harder for sure. I am also thinking you could still utilize the medical side if you find a use for maybe inactive green dragon tincture (with or without added CDB) to help your anxiety throughout the daytime.

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  11. Hi Sara u don't have to order from BC hit up the Toronto dispensary in Kensington market 33 kenzington ave it's recreational so u don't need to sign up just have id n if u don't want that cotton candy kush I'd be happy to smoke it for u :)

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  12. Check out Kratom, it's another plant that has helped me immensely with anxiety during my time of not being able to smoke for 2 years. It's very calming and peaceful, you don't really get high but it does have a pleasurable effect and makes you very chill and reduces pain and anxiety. Check it out, maybe weed isn't the only thing worth trying.

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