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Anxiety and Indica strains

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by oakblood, Sep 29, 2015.

  1. Morning everyone :)


    A lot of information out there dictates to me that Indica's are the correct way to go about if you have an anxiety problem. For some this may be fact, for me I feel it is the total opposite.

    So for anyone' who has had a panic attack prior you will know that feeling of tingly fingers, heaviness on the chest, legs going numb followed by all the fun racing heart and retarded thoughts. For me, Indica strains mimic the start of a panic attack so closely for me that it actually tends to bring one on.

    I have some hybrid 50/50 Sativa with a higher CBD content than THC ( CBD Skunk Haze) I am curious to try it tonight to see if my theory is even a little correct lol. Next I'm going to try a pure Sativa mixed with a 0/9% CBD Strain from my LP.

    Anyone else play with Sativa Strains and Anxiety?


  2. I would agree that a sativa helps better with anxiety. The heavy indicas often put me over the edge if I am not careful. Unfortunately 90% of the bud I get is an indica dominant, fortunately my last pick up was a sativa dominant.
  3. I agree. This...
  4. Good to know others have had success with it.

    The CBD Skunk Haze is a 50/50 So I'm not expecting the full Sativa effect but my LP has many many Sativa strains all the way to 90%. Curious to see the difference.

    Thanks for the reply's


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