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  1. I am sorry, I must ask this question.


    Have you ever been stung by an ant? If so, keep reading.
    I have a question for you, which has been peeving me since I thought it.
    When you get stung by an ant, it usually has a hurting stab feeling.
    I thought to myself "When an ant stings you, where is the pain really coming from?"
    I have summarized 2 conclusions.

    1. The barb that the ant his on its abdomen is being shoved into your skin makes the sharp, quick pain.

    2. The pain comes from when the ant injects its poison, which causes the slight quick sharp pain.

    So for the scientists out there, what say you?

  2. combination of the two depending on the size of the ant...them lil sugar ants the main part of the pain you feel is the venom..other ants that are bigger...carpenter ants and fire ants its from both stinger and venom...also they tend to use their mandibles *teeth*...all ants that is;)
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    Yes. Maybe a combination.
    But I sure do know that the little small ants bite the fire out of you... you would not expect the intensity of the sting, because it was so small.
    EDIT: ug, thread moved. This is urgent because I need to know the answer. Not a problem,
    I might get better answers here.
  4. yeah i kno...i let myself bet stung by a fire ant a few times in a row...just to see what it was like and to make sure i didnt have an allergy to didnt really hurt as much as i thought it would...maybe because i was expecting it...but damn them little ones man! i had some bite at my toes one day...i hate them now:mad:
  5. Same I have bites on my foot- itches a lot, but can't itch it, it hurts.
    Oh well
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    yeah...cold stuff will help that..not so cold that your like..omfgthatscoldbitch! but cool...very cool...what kinda ant bit you? them lil sugar ones?? cuz yeah...those suck the worse so far in my book

    have you ever seen the movie "them!" its an old 50s movie about giant ants...i love it
  7. Yea, I guess it was a "sugar ant" as you speak of.
    It was just the basic lawn ants.
    But there is no need to kill them- as you are
    in their space.
  8. nah, i dont go out of my way to blatently kill anything thats outside..its its own space..just like you say...heck..a lot of things that get INTO my house still dont get killed...cept earwigs...killed on site not gonna go into detail why...lets just say that i had a traumatic exp as a kid with them things and hate them with a passion of the fire of a thousand suns!
    but yeah..i think ants in general are very interesting..if they were bigger they would no doubt rule this world instead of us....they are the only other animal besides humans to plan and wage war with their own kind. they farm and build and cultivate and create and destroy...they are some kewl buggies..but damn..yeah they can give us a whallop!
  9. But why kill others for one of its actions?

    Really, those things are ugly and disgusting though.
  10. i dont kill earwigs when they are outside..only when they get inside...when i was like 5 or younger i had a small family of them living in my mom originally thought it was an ear infection and when we got to the drs...nope..EARWIGS!! so i really dont like them in my house...if they are outside i just leave them alone and stay way from that
  11. OUCH.
    That is wrong. I am very sorry...
    wow :/

    I see what your sayin.
  12. yeah most nasty things i can handle not a big fan of maggots or grubs...but as long as they are outside i can sit and stare at them..but if they are in my house...or car *dont ask* i almost get sick

    but yeah...earwigs...fuck them:mad:

    there isnt much in the world that i actually hate...its a bad feeling and just brings negativity into your life...but when i do..its for a damn good reason

    ive had "bad" experiences with spiders and a few other bugs tho..but not like that..that tops them all...hell..i LOVE spiders..i think the majority of them are pretty:eek:
    like the widow i got on a shelf in a big pickle jar...she just got a big feast of small crickets and juvenile grasshoppers...:D

  13. Earwigs don't ACTUALLY sit in your ear and cause massive pain.


    However there have been cases of them burrowing to sleep in ear canals of ANIMALS.
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    My lawn is MY space. I bought it myself.:)

    also, earwigs freak me right the fuck out
    they just look too weird
  15. haha. one day just this past summer i went out to smoke a bowl on the porch. i sat in an ant convention or some shit at 3am in the morning. they attacked my feet and the porch lights were off, so all i could feel were little stings from the tiny black ants.
    turned the lights on and there were thousands! blasted the little shits to hell with the hose :hello:

  16. yeah..i took a nap in my aunts thats prolly how they got there..and in case you didnt kno..humans are considered animals *or a virus...depends on who your talking to*

    but i never said thats how they got their name..i was just saying WHY i hate them...and thats why..i had like 7 of them in my ear..and as a lil kid at about 5...thats a lot of earwigs for a small ear
  17. Ant Lion FTW!

    The answer to the question, "what does satan look like to an ant?

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