Ants in my soil. wtf? How do i kill the bastards

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  1. I dont wanna spray all types of chemials on or near my plants but theres tons of ants in the

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    To be honest with you I would use one of these, they are called atomic bombs you can get them at your local hardware store.

  3. neem oil solution sprayed on the soil .
  4. Ants huh? im not sure if it will work for ants but a old wise man once told me soap suds from dishsoap laid on top of the soil will do the trick for most small unwanted visitors. Ive used with success on spider mites...its never hurt any plants ive had.....another thing you can do is place a small peice of food in the corner of the pot that will attract the ants to and when you notice alot of ants on it simply grab it and throw it out and then repeat...
  5. definatly keep an ant eater in there with the plants. that will clear em right out.

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  7. When I have ants in my house I mix Borax and powdered sugar in a small bowl and leave it near the ants. They take the mixture back as food and it kills the entire colony. Probably doesn't work as well as an anteater would but it gets the job done.

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