Ants build raft in amazon to cross river!

Discussion in 'Science and Nature' started by wakenbake4200, Feb 7, 2009.

  1. [ame=""]YouTube - Ants create a lifeboat in the Amazon jungle - BBC wildlife[/ame]

    crazy shit. i remember there was a video on here not too long ago of butterflies tricking ants into helping them. and then i stumble this, makes me happy to live on earth with such amazing life forms....
  2. Vid dont work... I wana c...

  3. Me too.
  4. Man I bet that was an EPIC video too :( Such a let down.
  5. When it says embedding is disabled just click on the window anyways it will take you to the youtube link.
  6. click the text on the video or this

  7. K saw it now. Very cool.
  8. GUYS, stop being stupid. click on the title of the video, it will take you there. now you can watch it.
  9. This makes me want to genetically engineer a breed of human sized fire ants - finally, a worthy competitor to the human race.
  10. that was awesome lol

  11. New findings:
    The Hills are alive with the sound of Ants... Talking to each other

    Turns out the Rebel's large blue butterfly mimics the queen ant's orders...

  12. Scientists were able to mimic the queens noises by recording then playing them back, and the ants responded!

    What if this were a consumer technology? Or better yet a pest control technology to guide the ants away from your home?

    I'd love to be able to communicate with ants, that would be amazing.
  13. Haha that's really cool. So, were they able to get them to do other things on command? Could they somehow 'decipher' how the ants communicate?
  14. holy sheet
  15. that was fucking insane!!!

  16. nah, theyd still be dumb as shit. we smart enough to kick their ass in battle. machine guns beat stingers.
  17. this was an awesome find man. +rep for that one. that would suck for a person that just decided to swim in amazon and come up out of the water right under that thing ahaha.

    reminds me of when me and my buddy were swimming in our neigborhood lake and all of a sudden i feel something creepy hit my face. i instantly dove under water and began thrashing around to get whatever the fuck it was off. when i come up i see my friend laughing his ass off and i soon came to learn that it was a water spider hauling ass for my face. scared the fuck outa me ahaha
  18. Simply amazing!

    I love watching and researching stuff like this, its so awesome

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