Ants are eating my chit!

Discussion in 'Sick Plants and Problems' started by HYDROCAKE, Apr 20, 2004.

  1. The little bastards are skimming off my crop, does anyone know what the best thing to use on these suckers, without harming the plant?
  2. If the ants aren't living in your plants pot, you could put some paper towels soaked in vineagar in a circle around the pot. Boric acid also works, I think there's a powder you can get that you sprinkle in a circle, and the ants will not cross it.

    If you're outdoors, you'll probably have to go to a plant store and find some spray for the leaves that repells insects. Make sure the box says it is safe for using on food plants!!. I think some products are based on garlic, so if you want to keep it organic you could look for something along those lines.

    Good luck!
  3. Thanks, they were mutilated by those bastards!

    Checkm out.

    This ones a month and a week old!

    I had them in pots, this is a week after i put them on their own. Ants are everywhere where i live, Anyways.

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  4. This ones about 4weeks, they chopped this one from the top, it Was looking good, now....

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  5. They pretty much only got two leaves on this one and the big one, i think they'll be ok.
    The wind was blowing hard so the pictures are bad and thats also why i sprinkled so much dust on them, it'll blow around a bit. But, i put loads of it around the (each)plants they're about 10feet apart.

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  6. Hydro, is that stuff boric acid powder? I think that can be somewhat toxic to plants if it gets in their water -- there's a summary of a study here, done on buttercups:

    Acute Aquatic Ecotoxicity Summaries for Boric acid on Terrestrial Plants

    10mg/L killed 50% of the test plants, though of course results with MJ would be different ;) and as far as severity, it's listed as only "slightly toxic" to terrestrial plants.

    I've only used boric acid indoors -- the idea is to make a perimeter with the powder around whatever you won't want the ants to enter. The box usually notes a few ways to use it.

    Of course if that powder is something else and it's all good -- well disregard this! :D Hope you teach those greedy bugs a lesson.
  7. No its not boric acid lol, i hope noone would sprinkle that on their plants. Its(nontoxic) herb and vegetable friendly used before harvest. The directions said to use it the way i did.

    I'll give an update in about a week!

  8. I used something just like that outdoors last year, whats the product name?
  9. Its called ELIMINATOR-flower and garden insect killer dust.
    Its in a tall red can, bought it at walmart for like $3.
    It sais you can sprinkle it on edibles as long as its not in the flowering stage!
    Working great so far.
    In texas, it doesnt matter where you live, there are two insects you cant get rid of: Ants and Spiders:(

    Oya, hey Grower.Off the subject a little, i have a cinnamon basil plant also and aloe plant. small Spiders have been making webs on my chit, will they actually harm plants(will they harm marijuana)?
  10. Spiders are your friends.
  11. ok thanks,
    thats what i thought/hoped, i usually dont even kill them if their in the house either, unless its poisonous.
  12. Use mouth wash (1/2 cup every ten Gal. of water you pure) Do this every 3 weeks.
  13. Seriously, how about listerine cuzz thats all i buy?
    Do you just poor it on the soil around the plant?

    I stopped by to check'm out yesterday and they have a little damage on them, the rainstorm washed the dust off two days ago(i try to dust them twice a week). And their were like 5 odd looking bugs just hanging out on the leaves and stem of one plant, including a catapiller.

    I'm really having doubts about the location i put them in, its untouched wild life pretty much(i get nervous even going up in there because i've seen a bigass python or something crawling in there before on the other end of the field, plus where i walk in, there is a bigass hole and mound from god knows what lives in so i kinda run past it evertime i go in:) im a puss i guess). And when the plants get even bigger and start to flower im foreseeing a big problem with these little pests.

    The two babies i have still in a cup definately wont go in the same location!
  14. use a tablespoon of soap for a quart of water in a mister. once ever 3 -4 days.
  15. yo HYDROCAKE just put like 1 tablespoon of that into a bucket of water and then mix it and pure it on your plant
  16. will do, thanks fellahs!!!
  17. yea pines are acidic but where did this come from?
  18. Good information guys.
    Was that suppose to be in another thread or does the dead grass around the plants appear to be pine needles?

    BTW, insect problem is undercontrol, more pics coming soon, they are almost two feet now (3of them neways and 2 of them are remaining very small even though they are still growing/ithink its the rocky soil.)

    I noticed the population of spiders has grown a bit so that may help also.

    Next grow will be indoors, outdoors in texas is not too promising, its getting pretty hot now during the day too.
    I'm nervous to see how they handle it once it gets to be 100+degrees.

    Plus, i FIMmed one of the bigplants a few days ago, we'll see how it goes.
  19. Will you be toping them? You might be able to train them a bit but id be carfull not to snap the stem. You can get an extra oz per plant easy from some training and or toping.
  20. Like you told me on the other thread, i will indeed attempt to train them.
    Do you think i should really top them after the bug problem?
    Or am i being too protective/paranoid?

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