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  1. is there any way anyone could help me out with a free version of a good antivirus? mine just ran out and i do quite a bit of downloading. i would seriously appreciate it. thank you in advance!
  2. microsoft security essentials.
  3. microsoft security essentials


    Malwarebytes Anti-Malware

    I personally have both installed
  4. avast anti virus = best free one

    ill post a good download link for you
  5. Why does no one recommend AVG anymore?
  6. no clue, but i still recommend it. i've used it for years as a tech at the local computer shop, even had an retail partnership with AVG, by far the best anti-virus out there. combine it with malware bytes and you never gotta worry about shit
  7. if u like norton download their antivirus free trial and pm me ill give u a 165 day activator.. u can activate over and over again as much as u want
  8. I was recommended this combination a while back. Been using it ever since and never have any problems at all. And I don't hold back on the crazy porn sites either, so they must be doing their job!

  9. I used AVG for a while, but my computer is somewhat old and having AVG running in the background made it slow as FUCK.

    Downloaded Avast! instead and I can leave it running all the time without any noticeable effect on my computers performance.

    I scan periodically with Malwarebytes as well.
  10. AVG or Malwarebytes.
  11. Norton is poo,

    AVG is still alright but as posted Avast seems to run a little bit faster.

    Malwarebytes and superantispyware are also good to use along side it :smoke:
  12. Stick to Microsoft Security Essentials..

    Great program and it is free..
  13. Malwarebytes all the way
  14. I have both AVG and MalwareByte's, and neither of them are finding whatever the hell is causing me to BSOD :p
  15. Could be a hardware problem, or a registry error that they aren't picking up. Have you installed any new hardware(GPU, CPU, or RAM), or overclocked at all? Download Memtest86 and run it for a while, see if any errors pop up.

  16. Ouch!

    I had a browser-hijacker virus about a week ago that I researched to hell and back and couldn't get rid of.

    I tried probably a dozen well-known virus-fix programs with no success. I found threads on computer forums about the same problem and no one had any good fix for it even after 4 pages of "download this and do a scan and post the log" and blahblahblah.

    I ended up just reformating my computer and re-installing windows. I'm glad I did because this computer is running a bit faster now, but I guess it just goes to show that sometimes you can't protect against everything. :p
  17. Probably the best way, if you have backed up your work then its usually faster than sitting through hours of scans. With most of them you have to go into the registry and delete the right keys to make sure they are gone.
  18. The Microsoft one... and COMODO Internet Security (AV+FW), it's policies are pretty strict but it does a good job of blocking everything, literally, once you get it into shape it's nice.

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