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    Hey whats up City?

    I'm feeling kinda bad here....My buddies always ask me to come out and chill and drink with them every weekend...I usually only go out something like every other Saturday...It's just that I would rather sit here and hit my Illadelph and play ps3, listen to music, watch tv/movies than go out and get drunk...I mean I love these dudes and they get a little mad sometimes when I dont go out...

    I really like my alone time but feel like a dick sometimes for not goin out...I think it has something to do with not liking crowds?? I have been meaning to post this for a few months now...Its just like as soon as they ask if I wanna go out I start looking for excuses...

    Any advice??
  2. Stop being anti-social is my advice.

    Pretty soon you'll probably find that those friends will just get tired of asking and stop doing so altogether.


  3. Do you feel like you gotta recharge after a day with being with people??
    I think you're an introvert, like myself. Nothing wrong with it, just try and go out more, nothing says you have to but you should have people time
  4. Plenty of introverts on this site. Nothing wrong with it, unless you don't like it yourself.
  5. I kinda have this problem too, I think it's mental because when I would get a message on the phone I would immediately think of an excuse like "Gotta do homework" or "I'm feeling sick". You just have to say to yourself "These are my friends. We're gonna hang out and have fun. I'm going to have fun" That's what works for me.
  6. Yea I normally dont go out either but last night my roommate and his buddies asked me to go out drinking with them, I am glad I did, it was tons of fun.

    Just go even if you dont feel like it. You dont even have to drink. Maybe roll a nice blunt or two with a few beers or whatever.
  7. I used to have friends like this man I think the weed does it to people. Weed makes you wanna relax and not be so loud and social and when you are in the routine of smoking some people become anti-social.
    Think about it this one, you can sit home and relax any day or every week or 2 you can go out and have a blast. Don't think negative thoughts about going out with your friends just go out and do it get drunk meet more people. I find some people that are in your situation when they go out they put themselves down also. Sitting at home leads to depression whether you realise it in a week or a year. All I can say is just PARTY it up man you don't wanna become a loner.
  8. I disagree with some of these people.

    Like they said, there is nothing wrong with being alone.
    However, like Elegant_Smoker said, being anti-social could lead to depression and this behavior is a symptom of weed.
    Although my take on it is that stoners wanna be alone and stay home because they have no spare money to go do stuff with after they buy weed. Nothing wrong with that either really.... I feel like I could use a week of that right now.
  9. There is nothing wrong with you wanting your alone time. You are an introvert.

    "An introvert is likely to enjoy time spent alone and find less reward in time spent with large groups of people, though he or she may enjoy interactions with close friends. They often take pleasure in solitary activities such as reading, writing, drawing, tinkering, playing video games, watching movies and plays, and using computers, along with some more reserved outdoor activities such as fishing. "
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    And longboarding :)
  11.'s what it is (in my opinion)
    You're growing up.
    The weekly "go out drinking" nights, they're fun and all and I think something a lot of young folks get into - but like it or not, it gets old, and yeah I think just at a certain stage a lot of people decide it's no longer their thing, some take longer than others, hell some can take YEARS longer than others.
    Thing is, you just find throughout life (from my relatively limited 29 years) your tastes constantly change and evolve, and it's not so much a matter of being antisocial it's just that you've found preferable ways to spend your time.
    Not like I'd call drinking the most social of activities anyway I mean, people you don't have to be drunk around are the one's you'll find will stick.
    Personally I don't think weed definitively comes into this whole thing or not...sure it's something you take part in, but from experience it's probably not what stopped you from your previous activities. I mean it might be, but I'm not convinced it is.
  12. 90% of the time I'd rather stay home, smoke, enjoy my music and watch some movies.

    The other 10% I'd want to fuck a girl.

    Might be because I'm at a new school and I don't feel like making friends, but I love chilling when I'm high.
  13. There's nothing at all wrong with being an introvert. I am one, I prefer to smoke alone, and do most activities alone. I am more productive working by myself, and more confident. Don't go out and party a lot, although I do on occasion. The sad thing is, extroverts tend not to understand an introverted mentality. For some reason people, especially extroverts, tend to think introverts have something wrong with them, when that just isn't true.
  14. Perfectly normal, but you should hang out with them more. everyone needs alone time just drop that bong and roll a nice blunt and bring it along :smoke:
  15. Ay man same situation with me always have some hull shit excuse when I get asked to go chill I have noticed I also prefer to chill w my pothead friends more than my I only smoke sometimes friends my best friend.knows I smoke doesn't care but he doesn't like it(one of those scared stubborn dudes that think drinking isn't as bad as weed but are close to alcoholics) and wouldn't smoke it me. Just thought I'd share
  16. I am pretty sure almost everyone on gc is an introvert.
  17. Been doing this for years. It's not the people that are my friends that I don't like, it's just that sometimes it's easier to chill alone, no obligations, etc...

    Causes problems..........but I think my better friends understand it's just how I am.
  18. Being a loner isn't always bad :)

    Being completely that can be bad.

    Most people who are good friends, will understand that you're a loner. They might not exactly understand why tho.

    But as you can see on this's a more common lifestyle than you "think" it is.....

    One of the most enlightening posts on this forum, is the forum about "Stuff you do that nobody knows about". By about page 5.....when you're like, "Wtf man.....I do 80% of this shit!!!!"..........

    Bottom line, don't lose your friends by being so aloof that they just stop bothering trying to call you.....but perhaps involve them in your lifestyle too? When I had my own place, people would drop in and chill for hours, every night. Play some video games, watch a game, etc, smoke a bowl, etc.....

    Eventually, when your friends start to calm down, they'll appreciate having a "quiet" friend to hang around.....
  19. There has to be balance. After a while of staying here at the house it depresses me. I like spending half the day doing stuff with people and half by myself. Although I do all those introverted activities that were listed.

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