Antioxidants renderring a drug in your system useless?

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  1. I was wondering if I drink a lot of V8 Fusion, which is loaded with antioxidants, if it could render the nutmeg chillen in my tummy right now useless? I got a little curious today and decided to try some nutmeg for a new experience. However, now that I'm drinking this V8 and realizing it's advertised as containing antioxidants, I'm wondering if it could attack the psychoactive ingredient in the nutmeg and make it useless. Also, will the antioxidants help me get the THC out of my system to pass a drug test? Thanks for any replies!
  2. Anyone have any ideas?
  3. You better hope so.
  4. lol id pray tha some how it does... or your probaly going to be in for one hell of a nauseating expeirience
  5. Well it's been 4 hours now and not feeling anything...
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    thats kinda crazy. i drink green tea alllllll the time that has a lot of antioxidents in it as well. and as far as passing the drug test...just take some omni detox to be safe i wouldnt count on the v8 alone...and stop smokin 48 hours before the test and youll be good.
  7. ^some one didnt read the post lol
  8. how did i not read the post? i am kinda high right now but i still dont see how i didnt read it or how i didnt respond how you think i should have?
  9. ^Perhaps you should reread and reread again.
  10. Nutmeg takes like 6 hours to set in anyway
  11. correction: there are no psychoactive substances in nutmeg. it is a pseudo-hallucinogen that basically hurts your body into "tripping". stay away from that shit.

    common side affects are severe muscle cramps and heavy dose can "cramp" your heart, or in other words, kill you
  12. Yikes, glad I haven't touched that shit.
  13. I drink antioxidant arizona iced tea all the time. I'm currently high off tramadols and the oxidants haven't done anything to me like that. Not even when I smoke.
  14. Personal experience:

    Yes, it will kill the buzz

    Nutmeg's active ingrediants aren't quite understood yet. Mysticirin and Safrole are the two identified. And something else which causes a powerful histamine response, and makes you feel like you have a flu for a few days after a 'meg trip. It's also VERY hard on your liver.

    Be careful.

    If you can make it work, tho, with someone else also on it it's intensely wierd. It's fun, and in ways you can't even explain afterwards. It's like having weak psychic powers. it's freaky
  15. What on Earth causes a person to crave nutmeg? It's a common household spice and not a street drug for a good reason. The Anti Oxidants should help to take away some of the feelings of the nutmeg, I doubt it will make them go away though. Good Luck.

  16. im quoting this because obviously everyone didnt read it the first time ^^^^^^^^

    you can read this in the very respected book Hallucinogenic Plants A Golden Guide. Erowid sites it a lot.

    but hey if u dont mind risking your health and possibly your life for a lame trip than go ahead be my guest. Ive read many trip reports on this and only one or 2 sounded enjoyable, and still the effects are lame.

    If u really need a legal trip go get some amanitas muscaria or hawaiian baby woodrose.

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