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Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Cornflake, Apr 12, 2004.



  1. Sucks!

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  2. Is half the fun.

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  3. I'm too stoned to know what to anticipate

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  1. I think it sucks, only 2 hours until I'm stoned out of my mind. But until then I have to study calculus *shudder*
  2. hit that shit, i luv when me an my guys just buy a fat ass sack, go chill somewhere and load the bowl...just makes me happy
  3. aahhhhh, i'm all alone, kids gone for the nite, hubs still working hehehehehehe, sparky sparky...................
  4. I thought this was gonna be an anticipation for 4/20 thread... I hope I can get some 'bread' soon so I can get some ganj by then.... WoOrk work work.

    Oh yeah, the subject... nah, I like the energeticness it builds up in ya when you have to wait, but I hate having to. It's a nice release fro mthe tension, when you finaly get to. When I have the tension building up after a tough day, week, whatever of not smoking, I like to drive down the street a couple blocks, sit there in the dark at night, everything off in the car except for the dashboard, and face lights etc., with the radio on. and just kick back and light up.

    some crackpot kalifornian dude was living up here once, he always called money bread...'ya got some bread I could borrow maaaann..?' lol
  5. "Good Things" Always Come To Those That Wait!
  6. I'm sorry, but right now im not sure if im spelling or even saying the word right. so im off to get another bowl fired up-------> :D ta ta for now!
  7. I love the wait for the ganja, it makes getting it ohh so much sweeter.
  8. My favourite way to blaze.
  9. Thats a good way to go. Out in the middle of nowhere without a care. The life I wish I could live everyday.
  10. actually, waiting for weed makes it taste even sweeter. it's crazy man.
  11. man don't worry about shit at all. just let whatever happens happens. by not caring, if you go out and smoke a whole eigth and get baked out of your mind it's an amazing time, or if you go out and smoke a bowl or two it's still an amazing time because it exceeded your expectations.
  12. Yay! I love calculus!

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