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  1. How sincere will the smile of the Antichrist be?
    How radical will his actions be?
    How extreme will his followers act?
    How quiet will the truth seekers remain?
    What will his plan be?
    Will his reign on earth end?
    There is a really good quote from the joker in the dark knight movie about evil but I can't remember it. It was something about the fairness of chaos.
  2. based on what i beleive and have studied*not religion, my own bible ans spiritual study"
    his smile will be as deceptive as his appearence.
    his actions will be like that of jesus christ.
    his fallowers will act as strongly as they can to keep him in power.
    the truth seekers are already remaining quiet, but quiet as they can not to be offed.
    his plan is to deceive into one world rule(makes me wonder why there making a one world currency soon)
    his rieghn on earth will end when the people wake up, the real enlightenment peroid.

    control from chaos.
  3. My response (opinion):

    Look to humanity for the answers you seek, for when the Anti Christ smiles the teeth of man show.
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    Through out history it has been shown true that the most evil of Dictators, Totalitarians, and kings came to power in times of horrible strife. That being said they tend to lose their control once things become better. The people rise up and over throw them.

    From that you have to ask yourself why would someone who wants absolute power like the Anti-Christ come into power and create a corrupt leadership to take over when they can have it done for them.

    My point is in the old saying "Absolute Power Corrupts absolutely," in order to gain absolute power one must realize that when things are absolutely corrupted the people are looking for someone to lead/save them from the corrupt power that restrains them. So to be perfectly honest you will see the Anti-Christ not in the darkest moment of your time but just when the sun starts to rise on the horrizon.

    He will seem like a symbol of purity cast in to an abyss of corruption only to destroy all that trys to consume it. In essence he will come into power right when the people seem like they cant take anymore persecution. He will appear to battle and defeat the corruption. His actions will be justified even in the most extreme situations to even the most reserved people.

    The once repressed people will rise up behind him to fight destroy their repressors and will succeed. They will give him every piece of power he asks for in the name of freedom. He will bring together the country he found his beginnings in. He will defeat those who oppose his beloved country in battle and diplomacy. From their defeat they will be thrown into governmental chaos. He will speak to the people who once hated him as though they were his own country men. He will appear to open their eyes to their oppression. He will tell them to rise up and they will.

    They will destroy their own governments and build new ones in the name of freedom. They will ASK him to help them grow as free countries. THey will ASK him to unite their countries to become great. He will unite them through war with those who dont follow and the reward of peace which can only come through the erradication all who oppose. They will weaken the opposition to near extinction and find a temporary peace. His end will start there.

    His smile will be one seldom seen at first but appear as sincere as life is real
    His actions will be as balanced as water changing with every situation
    His followers will trust him out of admiration and the ideals of freedom
    Those who seek the truth will know it from the beginning and speak it not till his end comes
    His reign will only end once chaos is reinsued oppon his free and peaceful countries

    The most lethal weapon against thy enemy is their own trust.

    No Im not stoned
  5. His smile will be as sincere as that of a laughing child
    His actions will be as radical as a left hand turn
    His followers will be as extreme as you or me
    Everyone will shout 'truths' from the rooftops
    His plan will unfold from our minds
    His plan will be salvation through domination (and vice-versa)
    His reign will end when we have nothing to fear.
  6. Guys listen to me. Today is my birthday. I just walked up to the bar and got wasted. I'm toast. However I can still type so I'm going to tell you about the Antichrist. Shhhh; its a little secret. :p

    The four beasts of Daniel were kingdoms. So are the two beasts of Rev 13. We are talking governments here.

    You got a a king, he comes with a kingdom. Never mind the dude who actually places his butt on the temple in Jerusalem, worry about his kingdom. After all the Antichrist himself will probably never touch ya, but his kingdom, they are a bunch of blood thirsty, vampire, Luciferian, Illuminati, New Age, sun worshiping sons a bitches. They'll kill ya in heart beat, quicker than shit. And they will will do a little prayer in a magic circle before they do it so they score points with Satan. Just watch out for them. :smoking:



  7. This sounds very nice to me.
    He's got a definite idea.
  8. I think we can all share in anti-christianity
  9. He'll be however you expect him to be, because you'll always assume that he is that certain leader, but that certain leader will never be him

  10. When he wants you to take the mark, 666, will you still think this?
  11. just shut up and smoke some weed please. just stay high and be patient. cuz the chances of you even reconigzing him are very slim. you, just as well of me might end up following him and not even know it. his probally allready here too
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    I'm already ahead of that, I have a barcode tattoo'd on my hand with my state ID number and 666 worked in the numbers :D I'm dead serious.

    666 isn't the number of the beast, It's a numerical quabalistic representation of the black sun, if you wanna find one, look in your vatican, theres a huge one on the ground.

    the link gives mostly nazi history of it, but just like the swastika which is a hooked cross, it goes back alot further than that. I just figured most of you didn't even know what a black sun symbol is.
  13. [​IMG]
    i found our culprit
  14. MY vatican? The Pope is in on it too.
  15. i think there's an important question here that no one has asked...

    does she hulk's tits get bigger when she's mad?

  16. who's that dude in the middle?

  17. Good question. Looks like a villan tho

  18. Says who, your conspiracy theories? I hate to tell you but the Pope is the very top representative of Christianity, you can "Oh well that's the catholic church" but the truth is, theres really no difference between different sects of christianity other than the rituals.

    Catholicism is the oldest form of christianity, if you think they're worshipping wrong, well, your wrong, since they're the very first form

    The Catholic Church is the original form of Christianity preserved in its entirety and developed according to its doctrine and philosophy. Catholics are Christians who adhere to the institution, doctrines and hierarchy established and constructed by Jesus Christ during His ministry and commissioned before His ascension. The term "Catholic" came about as an adjective to describe the Christian Church due to its successful spread throughout the world - it was the Church's most distinguishable mark and a proof heresies could not duplicate as they were often regional and could not spread. Since the Church schism, the sides identified as Orthodox/Catholic, the term "Catholic" has become a word used to identity the Church in opposition to the Orthodox and in modern times, as a title to distinguish it further from the many schismatic and heretical branches and sects that have developed through the centuries and especially since the Protestant Revolution.

    They also know it's just a means to control people, and has no truth in it.

    Pope Leo X- It has served us well, this myth of christ.

    Or if you want the actual quote translated from latin

    All ages can testifie enough howe profitable that fable of Christe hath ben to us and our companie

    edit: the bolds are added by me.
  19. [ame=]YouTube - New Age Antichrist Kingdom - Here Now[/ame]

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