Antibiotic question

Discussion in 'General' started by InsomniacsDream, Jul 27, 2007.

  1. At the moment i am on antibiotics, and am wondering if they will mix badly with any drug, and if so which.
  2. Should of asked your doctor, and what kind of antibiotics are they.
  3. usually no....but alcohol can decrease the effectiveness of them
  4. They are flucloxacillin, and i am damned if i am going to my doctor, will they do anything bad when mixed with extacy.... Oh cool, how about speed, good to know, acid? Shrooms? Niiiiiiiice

    i would feel a bit uncomfortable, and thanks for that info i will avoid alchahol for a while
  5. I've had some Amoxicillin sitting on my shelf for months and have taken it in conjunction with alcohol and cannabis. No ill effect at all, at least nothing noticeable.

    I'm almost certain that alcohol will decrease the effectiveness of the pills, but you're not going to suffer a psychotic episode.
  6. Why would you NOT ask your doctor? He may give you a weird look, or question your usage, but he'll be able to give you better medical advice than any of us stoners here on the internet. Your doc's there to help you, but you've got to help him by being honest about the chemicals you put into your body, legal or otherwise. It's not like he's gonna go call the piggies to come arrest you or anything.
  7. If the doc told anyone, anyone at, all even his wife, he would lose his license in a second so you might as well ask.

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