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anti-weed gf of two yrs wanna smoke know.

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by BuRnTrEeS247, Mar 18, 2012.

  1. Okay well my gf who was anti weed now wants to smoke since she see what's its about really and recently getting a new nice bong she has become more intrested plus been a while since she found out I was smoking and she sees the quailty weed I buy and always thinks there "pretty" girl talk bullshit .. well she almost done with with school probaly next January she will be done with college she has a job etc... But I wanna know how much she should smoke? And whats the best way and also I'm thinking she shoukd wait till after school but idk.. help guys?? And if she should smoke should she try edibles first?. CAN'T FUKING RUIN THIS CHANCE!!! if she gets a bad high she will never try again FUKING EVERRRR
  2. Just turn on a movie, pack a bowl and show her how to hit it.. then plow her. You're doing wayyy too much over thinking. Just go with the flow.
  3. for reall...smoke a bowl and chill out.. :)
  4. Dude,light up some purp with her,i know for a fact she will love it,but not an overpowering strain,maybe somethin like lemon purp...and just like flyingMYplane said jump on dat ass and hit it like a caveman!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. haha I probably am but I love this bitch hahah and will pretty cool to smoke with someone she took a dry hit from my bong and fuk that was hot hahah. I got some master kush right suppose to be I'm not in a medical state. And yea ima have cold ass water and like ice filled to the top of the bong and a perfectly clean one... But just don't want her to get a head ache.
  6. Well bro go for it,just set the mood right and the rest is butter!
  7. don't overwhelm her with too much bud, make sure you moderate it. Enjoy your night!
  8. just imo, but ice is good for taking big hits... but big hits still hurt.
    Because of how cold it is, you don't notice the size of the hit your getting until its too late.

    If you have just a little glass pipe that may be for the best. Or roll a joint.
  9. So no ice?:/ she will probably take a baby hit should.I milk it for her?
  10. stop ya worries let the tokin do the work :)
  11. shit i cant get my gf to stop smokin my weed....
  12. i would not have her hit a bong...
  13. Yeah fuck letting newbies hitting the bong, spazzing out and you have to nurse them back down is not fun guys.

    If your not going to go a j then couple of small hits from a spoon pipe would be more than enough.
  14. #14 Lovesmyreligion, Mar 18, 2012
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    Put some ice but it doesn't have to be a freezer lol don't over stack it so it's a good clean and smooth bong hit, not too cold to hurt the lungs but of course some cold water to filter it and some ice to cool it down a bit should be good. But just make sure to show her how to hit it, not too fast to where it's a sudden rush of smoke a non-smoker wouldn't be used too and immediately cough and perhaps cough into the bong and also have your bowl fly in the air, and of course not too slow to where it feels like your overworking your lungs just to get a hit then get a headache from all the extra inhaling.

    Just let her take a hit, it doesn't have to be a huge hit then let her chill for a while and see how she feels, if she wants to go further repeat the process, one more hit, then chill. Just wanna get a good high in a relaxed environment I.E no idiot friends over to make her uncomfortable and mess up the high or putting her in situations that would make somebody paranoid like driving around. Maybe music she enjoys as well, just make sure every thing is calm, controlled, and relaxed and everything should go well.
  15. Get some hash and line the bottom the bowl with it and cover it with herb. Tell her to keep hitting it until it snaps through or it goes out. Make sure its a POWERFUL sativa too. We want to get her mind racing about how illegal and wrong everything your doing is.
  16. Hope all goes well, took forever to get my boyfriend to smoke with me.
  17. Man my ex-gf hated that I smoked.
    She would give shovel shit on me endlessly when I'd come home high or talk about this awesome sesh I had.
    It was turrible times.
    We broke up after almost 3 years and now she smokes weed everyday.
    What the fuck?
    But yeah dude just pull out a pipe and smoke with her.
    Or smoke a blunt with her. You can do some more intimate shit like shotgunning hits and you can teach her that smoking can be fuuuun ;)
    Then smash.
  18. I def would not let her hit a bong. That will def get her ripped. Especially since it will be her first time, she could take too big of a rip and the onset of it can be scary. Like when I rip a gravity bong the high just hits me intensely and I feel so baked. For some people that feeling could be scary. Like Oh Shit Whats Happening??? And she doesn't really know how her mindset/thought process will be, it changes everyone's perspective.

    Toke up a bowl with her. A decent sized hit here and there over a 15 minute period should be fine. If it's some dank then she won't even need that much. Just let her get used to the "baked" feeling.

    Ripping a bong with some dank is definitely not a good idea for a First Time smoker.
  19. The thing is, shes going to be feeling pretty paranoid before she even smokes. That can really fuck up her high if she even gets high which could result in disaster for you. Gotta keep everything calm and comfortable for her...i'd say go with a small joint...even if she doesn't get high the first time if shes never smoked anything before she will cough quite a bit after a few tokes
  20. Most of the replies are still too complex. Somme people even advised hash... lol! i didnt touch that stuff till a few years after my first joint back in the day.

    WHat i would do is just light up the bong, fill the smoke with chamber and pass it over for her to clear it. thats what i would do, if i ever had a gf that would be interested to try, but not forced to. personally i find joints/blunts too harsh for first timers, sure coughing and choking does give you a sick head rush and quicker buzz, but for first timers its not always ideal. especially for females.

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