Anti-pot recommendations for Aussie-land

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  1. You can find the whole article here.

    My favorite parts are the "drug blitzes" and however the plan to make the aboriginals stop smoking pot. Can anyone see that drug abuse in Australia is about to skyrocket?

    I wish I could let them in on something: "Preventative education" really means "free advertising for drug dealers".

    Report recommendations

    1. Preventative drug education in both primary and secondary schools, including new research into the harmful effects of cannabis on the developing brain, suicide, drug-induced psychosis, schizophrenia and depression.

    2. National media, similar to the "Bloody Idiot" alcohol campaign.

    3. Clear cannabis prevention policies in all schools.

    4. Police implement drug blitzes, target users, plantation and hydroponically grown cannabis, trafficking, financing, and/or selling drugs to children.

    5. All professionals in drug and alcohol fields to strongly discourage any cannabis use by those whom they counsel or to whom they provide treatment for drug related problems.

    6. QUIT campaign.

    7. Greater penalties to prosecute suppliers and traffickers of drugs to children.

    8. Clear messages about the effects of cannabis on the young body from the Commonwealth.

    9. Address the abuse of illicit substances in Aboriginal communities, in particular cannabis.

    10. Drug testing in schools be encouraged.

    11. Roadside testing.

  2. welcome to the rest of the world Australia..

    it sucks.
  3. Wow, that is truly horrible. It boggles the mind that cannabis, a plant that has been used for literally thousands of years with huge beneficial results, suddenly became so demonized. I can't wait until this all changes, and these anti-drug folk get what's coming to them.
  4. Its reefer madness all over again
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    7. That one is good.

    8. Clear messages filled with lies they mean.

    11. A guess the Aussies are sharing their fancy new THC breath tester with the rest of the world. As far as the rest of us know, there is no scientific test to find out if someone is currently under the influence only if THC is present in their system. What are they going to do force piss tests on the side of the road then arrest you for indecent exposure?

    They should just take all these criminal marijuana users and exile the to their own island...I wonder if any country has done something like that before...oh wait.
  6. They could also pull the "present in the same building as a minor" penalties. It would seem logical for a burgeoning drug war to take parents away from their children. They could ruin lives 2-3 times as quickly.
  7. I'm shaking my head in disbelief, I can't wait till this horribly backfires.

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