anti pot commercials

Discussion in 'General' started by jake4283, Mar 8, 2009.

  1. k. for sum reason i cant get over these commercials. like they dont even make sense, even


    im not high. so how is a high person spose to see that n think "oh, i shouldnt smoke weed,

    im going to melt into a couch." k first of all, y is that girl sitting next to her the whole time?

    first she says, "this is all she ever does" n i was like "bitch wat r u tlkn bout? ur the one who's

    chillin with her all the time, so u must either not mind that she smokes, or ur idk jus an idiot"

    and second im wondering where the hell u can get weed that melts u into a couch? thats a

    whole new level of high, when u n the couch are one. im down for gettin on that level with my

    couch tho. but if sum bitch is gonna sit there n talk shit about me smokin every second than

    she can leave.
  2. all those commercials are so ridiculous and they never make sense at all to anyone that I've ever been around that has seen them. +rep on the hilarious post about melting in the couch.
  3. It's been proven by government oversight committees that these commercials don't make kids want to smoke less. It makes them want to smoke more, actually. Mostly because they are so ridiculous.

    I love watching those when high. They always crack me up.

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