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Discussion in 'General Forum Feedback' started by tbw102, Jul 11, 2004.

  1. I think it would be a great idea to have a skin for this forum that would make it less obvious that it was about good ol herb. Im always reading a grow journal or browsing the grasscity forum at home or at work and worry about getting caught. Suddenly closing a window when someone walks in the room is a bit obvous. It could be extremely simple, no flashy weed-resembling logos, and no "greenish" theme. It could be some ugly ass skin, like grey or something. Just a suggestion that would be easy to implement.

    Smoke on friends!
  2. power to the people!
  3. Actually, the only 'suspicious' thing that is a part of the forum is the logo, which probably isn't going anywhere. The entire point of the forum is to bring business to the shop.

    Most of the weed-related stuff is images in people's avatars, signatures, or posts. That can't be helped without disabling avatars, as well as images in signatures+posts. The green background doesn't tell anyone anything.
  4. I doubt SJ would do it. If I recall, he loves the way the forums look, and he won't change it for anyone.

  5. You can make skins for forums that the individual can choose to use over another one. It wouldn't be changed for everyone, just those that choose to use it. It wouldn't be very hard to do.
  6. ^^^ ya thats a really good idea, custom skins for personal users. i doubt it would require much efffort to put that together too, but i have been wrong before :rolleyes:
  7. Yeah but vBulletin makes you pay for skins. You even have to pay to get hacks for vB. Its really sad. The favorite board software I have ever used is phpbb. They actually support you and your hacks for free. On a different note I don't even want to know how much sj pays for bandwidth on this board. It really has to be ridiculous!

    I was in my office on Wed and I had to play the stealth game. I'd rather do that than ask someone to spend more money on something I get to utilize for free.
  8. why do you need a skin, it just looks like a normal forum, just with the huge "" thing. i mean, there arent any actual logos that have to do with marijuana so getting a personal skin wouldnt have that much of an effect. if you are worried just make the window smaller so they dont see all the marijuana leaf avatars, thats what i do if the rents are nearby.

    edit: this is also very true...
  9. Yeah man... If the logo doesn't give it away, the avatars will, lol.
  10. Browse the city not logged in, you don't see the avatars or the sigs.
  11. I like the color scheme alot. Its not that obvious just because its green

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