Anti-marijuana zealot resigns house seat

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    Official news story:

    My own news article for this story (which includes information on his "work") :

    Rep. Mark Souder (R-IN-3) will resign effective this Friday amid a sex scandal. He has been one of the worst representatives in Congress with respect to marijuana. He is the author of the law which takes away student aid if you are caught with drugs while receiving financial aid (which he originally wrote to eliminate aid if you were EVER caught with drugs). He also worked for the government in the Gonzalez v. Raich Supreme Court case which resulted in a ruling saying medical marijuana is not legal even if state law says it is based on the bullshit claim that even if marijuana never crosses state laws, it COULD effect interstate commerce, and therefore the commerce clause of the constitution allows the Federal government to deny anyone, even in states where medical marijuana is legal from using their medicine. This ruling was made in spite of the fact that her doctor declared under oath that Raich's life was at risk if she could not continue to use medical marijuana because no other pain medication could be used because Raich was allergic to nearly everything else, yet Souder didn't give a shit about that. He has also stated about marijuana that "the destruction in your brain cells, is more like coke or crack than it is like the old time marijuana." He has said the reason for increasing penalties, specifically in relation to the so called "drug free student loan" law is that "[T]he Drug-Free Student Loan amendment is designed to discourage drug use among students, as a student who knows that his financial aid could be suspended if he’s convicted of a drug crime will be less likely to use or deal drugs in the first place" Today he has proven how much bullshit that is and that penalties dont work. He knew that having an affair with an aide could cost him his house seat (as others have had to resign for the same thing) and he is strongly religious and says that he "sinned against God," yet losing the senate seat and violating the laws of God were not enough for him to not have an affair because he wasnt thinking about the penalties and/or he thought he would not be caught, the same reason we smoke. Further, we know the law is morally wrong, while he knew his actions were morally wrong. While im very happy to see this guy crash and burn and am glad that he cant do anymore damage, it is sad the damage he has done will stay for a while.
  2. Good fucking riddance, I say. I have been hearing about this asshole on the news for a couple of days now. Hopefully we can get somebody more open minded in his seat.
  3. so long ya sick fuck :hello: I love how the greatest defenders of "family values" are some of the most corrupt, sickening people around. He's not sorry that he sinned against god, he's sorry that he fucking got caught. Wormy bastard....
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    Typical politician. Hypocrites lying through their teeth. America's never going to change as long as it remains pubs vs. dems which is exactly the way they want it. Ignorant sheep espousing their party's talking points on both sides are what's wrong with this country. Fuck republicans and fuck democrats. The two party system is outdated and broken.

    George Carlin says it best:

    [ame=""]YouTube- George Carlin ~ The American Dream[/ame]
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    goodbye fucker. i love how hes also an advocate for abstinence education in schools. this guy embodies a lot of whats wrong with congress.

    edit: amen george carlin
  6. Fuck that guy
  7. What comes around goes around!
  8. I feel no sympathy for him. Maybe he knows how the rest of the un-employed masses feels like now.
  9. I hope this son-of-a-bitch never gets another job doing anything. He is the biggest piece of shit, i hope a pro-cannabis rep gets elected.
    on a side note, rest in peace George Carlin...It sucks he never got to see things change :(
  10. Better yet, that abstinence only ideal led him to make a pro-abstinence video- with the person he was having an affair with:laughing:.

    Souder, Leading Drug Warrior, Asks Forgiveness For Sins

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