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Anti-histamine properties of THC ?

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by Doug Funny, Aug 8, 2008.

  1. I've been smoking pot since the age of 13, in part because it makes my (severe) allergies less of an issue. Is there anyone in here with a similar situation ? And are there studies/data that indicate anti-histamine properties of THC ?

    hello medical users
  2. Same thing here. My allergies are so bad that even loradidine (sp?) the over-the-counter allergy pills do nothing for me, but THC always clears it up right away. There needs to be some testing done on this!
  3. Yep! Just a mention of it here-

    [FONT=&quot][SIZE=-0]R. Turner, et al., have shown that THC has an anti-histamine effect. Mishra and Sahai found that an alcoholic extract of cannabis potentiates the anti-pyretic action of aspirin. D. Kosersky, et al., showed that oral administration of THC is 20 times more powerful that aspirin and twice as potent as hydrocortisone in its power to inhibit edema. CBD was found to produce over 90% inhibition of erythema at a dose of only 100 micrograms, whereas THC produced only 10% inhibition. (63-66)

    vocabulary words- (sorry, occupational hazard-I'm a teacher's aide, and I am sure not all of you know these words.)
    potentiates = makes stronger
    anti-pyretic = fever fighting
    edema = retaining water resulting in swelling
    erythema = redness, rash
    inhibition= slowing, blocking of a process
    micrograms = [/SIZE]
    [/FONT]28,349,523 micrograms equal 1 ounce

    "Cottonmouth" is an excellent example of cannabis' ability to dry things up! High CBD pot would likely be best. When you have allergies, your sinuses are all inflamed. Cannabis' anti-inflammatory properties are well known.


    Why Cannabis Stems Inflammation

    Granny :wave:

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