Anti-Gay Bias Or Fair Punishment? New Details Emerge About High School Student’S Lesbian Relationship With A Minor

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    This is bullshit, statutory rape is one of the biggest bullshit laws on the books. Rape is rape and there is no way they would be charging this girl if she wasn't gay. 

  2. I don't think it's them being anti-gay.. If it was a 18 year old guy with the 15 year old girl he'd get charged just the same. 
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    In my state, statutory rape is a matter of strict liability, but there is a defense as long as the age difference is 3 years or less. This means that if on your 21st birthday you have sex with someone who is only 17 years, 364 days old and get caught, you are a registered sex offender/felon for the rest of your life with no defense whatsoever. It's asinine. I don't think this is about them being lesbian, though.
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    Eh I don't know. I knew a lot of seniors in high school who would date/ have sex with  freshman and sophomores and I never heard of any of these people being arrested. Absolutely they could be arrested and charged but noone seemed to care. Then again I live in a predominantly hispanic area with an extremely high teen pregnancy rate. In Mexican culture a girl becomes a woman on her 15th birthday so maybe that had something to do with it.  
  5. Mulder, I know you're not really a "by-the-books" detective but the law is the law and it applies to everyone. If it was reported to the police that an 18 year old man was having a sexual relationship with a 15 year old girl, that is statutory rape. Just because some of your friends got away with it doesn't mean that these two ladies are being picked on. If they back down on the charges (especially since this is getting publicity) it would look like one of two things:
    1: Nobody cares about age restrictions on sexual relations with minors.
    2: That the police are turning a blind eye on this one as they don't want to be seen as homophobic.
    I believe this is the law enforcement just doing their job and it has nothing to do with sexual orientation as I have no reason to doubt their intentions! Since you also have no reason to doubt their intentions, I see no reason why you should accuse them of being anti-gay.
  6. This happens to a lot of 18 or 19 year old guys who have carnal knowledge of 15 year old girls.
    I don't necessarily agree with the law, but it sounds like they're being objective in the sense that the girls' sexual preferences are irrelevant.
    Now, if there were several instances of the same law being broken, and they specifically chose this one to prosecute, then this may be biased. I don't think that's the case though.
    Running's Verdict:  "Fair" (in terms of the law) Punishment.
  7. I don't think it's the cops being anti gay, I think it's the fact that the parents of the younger girl reported it, and that either
    A) the parents were anti gay and freaked, or
    B) the parents didn't want their daughter fucking an 18 yo right when she enters high school.
    The cops/ judge/ prosecution aren't being anti gay, but if it's brought to their attention, they can't not charge the girl. I think it's bullshit that there's a big backlash from the gay community over this.
    are you gay or progay? wtf
    so u are saying because she is gay, she is being charged with s.a.?
    and if it was a guy fucking a girl, the guy would never have been charged?
    wow. i must be either stupid or reading ur words wrong riight?
    i mean i all i am hearing all over the place how a 18 yo sr guy fucked this 16 yo jr girl from school and got charged with s.a.
    happens all the time
    this is one of the first times i am hearing about a girl on girl crime and someone actauly getting charged with the crime
    it happens all the time buddy. dont let ur belifes give you a dark life. and u sound really hatefull when a gay person is discriminated on
    it is an excellent opurtunity for the elected leaders of that community to get them selves some free positive publicity.  who can be upset with someone who is againts children being "sexualy assulted"
  10. Is there something wrong with that?
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    if they were then, i would understand why this person is geting upset over this specific incident
  12. So you have to be gay in order to be critical of a perceived bias against gays? I don't get it.
  13. The parents filed suit, this is not about her being gay on the law enforcement side. If any parent went to the police about something like this, gay or straight, they would persecute them. Now parental consent solves all this for many people, if you read the article the young girl's parents pressed the charges, and it seemed they were upset that she was gay and blamed the older girl for it. Nothing would have come of it if the parents weren't assholes, unfortunately they are.
    I agree age limits are a little foolish, you can tell the difference between a relationship they want to be in, and one that will endanger a 14 year old. But law enforcement is just doing it's job, it isn't their fault the parents decided this. 
    haha i like u usumtimes
    but yea i also said progay, as in non-gay people who are for gay people and gay rights
    so no i dont think u have to be gay to be critical of a preceived biased againts gays
    i mean i dont see a biased againts the girl because, here in tx anyways, i am always hearing in the news about someone having sex with sumone who is 3 or 4 yrs younger then them and being charged with sa
    so it is normal for me to see people of both genders being charged with statutory
    now since it is a 18yo girl and a 15yo girl has no differnce to me. its the same as a 18yo guy and a 15yo guy doing the same thing.  i think it happens all the time. its called expermenting. i think it is bullshit. plus i would be angry because now those 2 girls are being exposed to all this attention they probaly do not want to have
    who is the law enforcement community to barge into those two girls lives and fuck things up in another diffenrt light?
    cases like thse make me loose respect in the judical system. laws like these were meant for 30 yo men and 10 yo girls and now they have warped them somuch where a 5 year old age differnce totaly fucks up someone life
    how do you respect that authority?

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