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  1. I know since almost everyone on here smokes almost everyone will agree with me on how ridiculous and untruthful the governments anti drug propaganda is. I was just cruising the Internet seeing how legalization was coming along and decided to google "anti marijuana" just to see what popped up. Earlier this morning my mom had told me how smoking weed screws up your dopamine levels and is extremely addicting. She doesn't know I smoke so I had to play along and agree with her, which was painful. Anyway that got me thinking, where did she come up with all that? So like I said, I googled anti marijuana just to see what came up. I found a site which really pissed me off. They have article upon article about how marijuana use in high school (I'm a senior) can ruin your future and if you smoke marijuana you will likely become addicted and forget everything you learned. It even said marijuana users are 5x more likely to drop out of high school. and teens should stay away because it promotes risky activities such as having sex. Sorry if I'm ranting but that is complete bullshit. Sex is only dangerous if your stupid about it. Only 7% of people get addicted, so im not sure why they use that as an argument. Me and my friend who I smoke with a lot both have pretty good grades, I have about a 3.4 he has above a 3.8 I think and we smoke on average once a week, so I know from personal experience it doesn't do much to your memory. And what they fail to realize is although high school users may drop out more, it's not because of smoking weed. The kids who drop out are the kids who have been rebellious since they were born, didn't have the home life they needed or just weren't good at school. Marijuana doesn't effect any of that. I know that was a pretty long rant but it really pisses me off how society thinks anyone who smokes weed is a drug addict failure who doesn't care about anything in life.
  2. Welcome to the insanity of life son. It's kind of disillusional to a child, who's been taught to tell the truth all of his life, to enter a world where adults consistently lie about almost everything.
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    When the day comes when you feel you must absolutely educate your Mom, click that first link in my sig, set Mom down and ask her to just read the titles for the "A"s, "B"s, and "C"s. :rolleyes:

    I bet that her opinion of cannabis will change before she makes it through the "C"s!

    Here's a sample of some of what she will have to read-

    CN BC: Expert Testifies Cannabis Helps Slow Aging (news - 2008)
    CN BC: Expert Testifies Cannabis Helps Slow Aging

    Marijuana May Slow Alzheimer's (news - 2006) (mind-blower!:D)
    [FONT=&quot]Marijuana May Slow Alzheimer's[/FONT]

    Lifetime Prevalence of "Amotivational Syndrome" (full – 2005)
    Lifetime Prevalence of "Amotivational Syndrome"

    Pot is good for you? Marijuana fights the superbugs (news - 2008)
    News Blog: Pot is good for you? Marijuana fights the superbugs

    Scientists are High on Idea that Cannabis Reduces Memory Impairment (news - 2008)
    Scientists are high on idea that marijuana reduces memory impairment

    Why Cannabis Stems Inflammation (news - 2008)
    Why Cannabis Stems Inflammation

    Marijuana Extract Helps Arthritis Pain (news - 2000)

    Marijuana Chemical Fights Hardened Arteries (news - 2005)

    And those are just a few from the "A"s! :eek:

    Granny :wave:
  4. True guys, maybe we just need to make it go viral that cannabis is positive, im already trying to spread that it cures cancer which it does everyone has to share the information it has to be common knowledge globally that weed is good simple as that once everyone knows we'll be fine :) i recommend watching these 2 really good documentaries on youtube called "What if cannabis cured cancer" and "Run From the Cure" we need to spread this.
  5. I don't understand all these anti cannabis people.
    I cant see how it effects them in anyway, if they dont want to smoke then isnt it as simple as not having alcohol?
    Some of them are really die hard about it aswel like they know lots about it when really they've just seen something on the news about someone who fucked up and they have to find something to blame it on so lets all just scapegoat cannabis!
    Smoking cannabis is the first step to getting onto heroin after all!

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