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Anti-drug ads

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Big Poppa Puff, Dec 10, 2002.

  1. I was watching battlebots with my young son Saturday night when an ad came on against weed.

    It showed a young girl at a party with a boy. She walked into the room, handed him a pipe and started with the giggles. This went on about three times and then BAM!. The last time she handed him the pipe she went into sleepy land and the boy started to unbutton her shirt, Then the stern voice came on and said watch out, blah, blah you see what weed smoking does.

    Now I pop off to my wife and brother in law, that ad is ass backwards. Teenage boys are more apt to try weed so they can get into girls pants better. My wife said the ad is aimed at young girls. But I replied how many young girls are going to be watching battlebote with the freaking x-box ads every five seconds.

    Has anybody else seen this ad and think the Governement is clueless on what they are doing.
  2. ya i've actually seen that ad watching battlebots and i just shook my head. What ultra-liberalist thought that this would stop people from trying pot!?!?! this goes beyond scare tactics... i was disgusted.... Maybe if it were ghb or acid or lsd maybe.... but pot... us kids are malleable not stupid....
  3. i saw the same ad with my stoner buddies ... and i got mad.. and they were like.. calm down.. its the truth... so i tried explaining them all the propaganda behind those adds and shiit ... and they still wouldnt belive me... they piss me off... i didnt think stoner could be so narrow minded... we also got into a conversation about police brutality.. and i was telling them about how often it happens and how often police get away with it ... they were like.. no .. the cops usually get busted if they touch you and shit... people are soooo ignorant and naive .. what should i say to these guys??
  4. what bothers me about the ad, and I do this a lot, is compare it with what is legal and the outcomes of those actions..I can understand that MJ is easier to get than alcohol, but look why not look at it the from the other side, what if MJ was legal and regulated. then kids would have just as hard time getting it as alcohol. And I dont think that these ads, especially this one portrays the drug in honesty (of course). I mean it may relax you a great amount, but unlike alcohol, it doesnt lower your inhibitions nearly as much...
    and as far as showing that ad during battlebots, which what comes on later at night and yeah, what kid, especially girl, is watching it? thats clearly not directed towards the age group they want you to think its marketed towards. its directed at exploiting it to the parents.
  5. i have seen this ad before. in fact, i say it at school once. we snuck into the libraby(thats right, we are badass) to watch a home video and we watched a little bit of cable. we saw the stupid ass ad and were completly shocked. i mean not many teenage girls smoke, and if they do that is not what really happens. you are right, it the other way around. fuck the govt, fuck george bush and fuck anti-drug campaigns.
  6. lol. i've seen this ad... not on late night though (i crash early)...

    but yeah, the government definately doesn't know what it's doing
  7. This ad was on early, like at 7:00 pm. But it diodn't make me mad, it just made me think how stupid the people who make these ads are. I mean, if you are going to try to scare a teenage a boy from using pot, showing him that pot makes it easier o get in a girls panties is not the best scare tactic. In fact I think it has the opposite reaction. Hell, I'm going to make my wife start smoking more if I can get in her pants easier.

    If you want to scare a teenage boy from using pot, show a kid smoking and then his dick falls off from inhaling too deeply. That would scare the shit oput of me. Or even better, show a boy smoking at a party and talking to a girl that looks a little wierd. After 4 or 5 hits he starts to get in her pants and then he finds out that the girl is really a guy dressed up in drag. The boy pulls down her panties and out pops a boner in his face and then all his friends bust in on him and sees him standing there with a tranny. Then the stern voiceover can proclaim " Smoking pot may increase the chance of picking up cross dressers"!
  8. There is a whole series of these types of ads that end with the words, "harmless?" reffering to marijuana. That one with the boy and girl isn't even the worst in my opinion. There is one where a couple of kids get arrested for smoking pot and the little "harmless?" words come up. My thought about this is, the only reason they are getting arrested is because it is the only reason the commercial is saying that weed is harmful is because its against the if it wasn't against the law...that commercial would make even less sense than it does now!

  9. "ultra liberalist"? I think you got it a bit mixed up man. When we had a more 'liberal' government (i.e. the clinton administration) the drug ads weren't nearly this bad. Plus, most real 'ultra-liberals' are part of alternate political parties; the likes of which tend to favor legalization.
  10. Yeah dude, if our society was an "ultra-liberalist one", I would be much more content...Weed would be legal, and Bush wouln't be president...paradise!
  11. aw, come on, there's no reason to turn this thread into a political debate. There are a billion things I could respond to that with but I simply won't. Back to the subject, those ads are designed to scare people into thinking marijuana is harmful. It's just the most extreme case of fear mongering yet, Americans are isecure and too caught up in their own troubles to take notice of anything that's not percieved as an imediate threat, and the DEA is taking advantage of that. Ever notice how the current Drug Czar mentions 'children' at every opportunity? The ones that fear the most are those who have something to protect.
  12. in highschool they told me smoking will make hair grow on my toung, and they had pictures of it too. they brought in video of someone coughing up a bucket of mucus, said that will happen to you every day if you smoke.
  13. Jeech, at least I didn't rant on and on. I just hate gov't. thats all. Whatever.

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