Anti-detection foil!!! stops cops from seeing...where 2 buy it!?????

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by h4rk4t, Apr 18, 2006.

  1. oh no dude i believed u....i musta sed sumthin somewhere that made it seem like i didnt lol dunno. But thanks for that link im deffinetly reading that right nowwwww
  2. Don't worry you will be fine!!! 400watter will just look like you are making bacon on the stove and cooking brownies in the oven. Keep token :smoke:
  3. Okay thanks lots man.

    Thanks everyone else as well, im 98% less sketchy then i was before more parnanoya:p
    thx citttyyy
  4. i use a 105 watt incandescent equivalent 400 watt
    the bulb puts out less heat than a regular lamp light yaknow like the ones that burn lampshades in motelrooms
  5. Well they can, but it cannot be used as evidence unless a prior warrant exists. But like other people said, 400w is nothing to be worried about. I'm using 550w in my closet grow. It's once you get over 1,000w or more that you should look into covering it up.

    Unless you're growing it no your attic I don't think you would even notice a 400w from overhead.
  6. did anyone ever wind up figuring out that anti detection foil?

  7. I use a 400w with no "Anti detection foil". 400watters are nothing. The helicopters only notice you if you're using a bunch of 1000watters or something.
  8. I vote for the calm down idea. the amount of heat a 400W bulb puts off is less than a space heater, which it is for all they know :p
  9. You guys realize this thread is 4 years old and the OP is banned?

  10. I'm assuming ur parents don't know about this and would notg be cool with it Get your own place man if the rules are that harsh that ur parents could go down big time for this then don't do it have some respect for the people that raised u lol I would never risk getting my parents in trouble for something that they don't agree with id be embarrassed to get my parents arrested for that shit lol maybe u need to consider another hobby lol

  11. Hahahahahahahahahahahahaha we're all so fucking stupid
  12. This thread may be old but you can find "anti-detection foil" at most home improvement stores like Home Depot or Lowe's.

    Just search for "Radiant Barrier" or "Double Reflective Insulation".

    Hope this helps.
  13. COME ON thats it 400 watts? dude its not gonna create much ir to get u busted. with the existing ir light from ur house already.just dont put it near windows or vent any air outside like a exaust vent poking out a window.
  14. yes this is me :(
  15. Don't listen to these people saying, "It's unconstitutional/illegal for the government to see your house via infrared." The government will do whatever they damn please, and be sure they're on the winning side.

    First of all, NEVER tell people you sell or grow weed, it's sketchy as balls.
    Secondly, you really shouldn't be too worried as long as the above statement is clear.
    But if you actually wanted to get into the physics of it all, you'd need a material that absorbs infrared light. This means the light wouldn't reflect back to the camera, hence the image they receive is black for that particular area.

    Yet the problem is IR cameras can do just about anything because almost nothing absorbs infrared, therefore allowing images of just about everything!

    So either research IR absorbing material, or just don't grow too much. You might get questioned by your parents on your energy bill if you're running too many lamps, so I'd keep it in small doses. And if you're from Cali, we're all with you!
  16. They still do, They just find other excuses to raid the house. Like smell or neighbor complaints.
    Even though its illegal the police still use it. =_-
    And i've heard of the stuff, Insulation will work just fine though and is way cheaper.
    Just make sure to completely surround your grow room in it, dont be cheap about it, have a heavy hand.
    The problem with insulation is that it absorbs heat, which is what you want but just make sure you add a few extra cooling units or else your plants will fry under HPS :D
  17. My apologies for my ignorance here (I don't grow), but one of the main reasons the CFL light bulb was invented and part of it's primary marketing campaign is a considerable reduction in electrical costs.

    Since ultimately electricity is what drives "heat" in these devices, I really thought that using CFLs in your grow would result in a considerable reduction in heat signature or footprint?

    Am I completely wrong here? Are the heat signatures reduced or eliminated with the newer tech (CFLs, LEDs, etc.) or not? Pretty certain knowing what I know about LEDs that they would reduce it for sure, just not 100% sure about the true heat efficiency that CFLs bring.

    EDIT: Yeah, I know it's an ancient thread, but my question here still stands. Anyone care to comment? Are heat signature concerns a thing of the past with new tech?
  18. OP needs xanax... fo real lol
  19. he is right this is the common misconception . ir helicopters can only see heat EXITING the house not the heat generated get it?? so if you have 2000 watts in a closet your undetectable but if those same 2000 watts are by a window or something where the heat bundles up while escaping the house then you can be detected make sense??
    and yea this is true cops/ government does no give a DAMNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN about your rights if you are breaking one of their laws your basically mocking them and they will target you sucks to live where its so strict ( Texas) then again my profit margin when i harvest is outrageous
    never like the law any way :smoke::smoke::smoke:

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