Anti-detection foil!!! stops cops from seeing...where 2 buy it!?????

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by h4rk4t, Apr 18, 2006.

  1. hmmm...i'm having some extremmmmmmmmmmmeeeee trouble getting polyshield AKA anti-detection foil (also called ANI-INFRARED FOIL [anti-IR foil...etc]) i have looked on ebay...almost every site to my available searching pleasssssseee i will pay 100$ if i have to for that stuff...its my most important thing in growing ...MOST IMPORTANT...
    THANKS SOOOO FREAKING MUCH TO ANNNNYONE with a link or site or store annny thing to help me thansk lots everyone.
    Its just soooo hard to get some simple anti detection screen crap and im getting nervouse that my plants will sprout before i can use the foil....
  2. oh btw if u dont know what it prevents infrared viewers(what helicopters bust ur ass with if they can see that huge light source and then find the weed when investigated)
    This stuff somehow blocks IR from seeing the huge heat source...which to them means cultivation of they come and investigate.....
  3. Very interesting, i couldnt find any other threads about this. i guess its more for outdoor growing huh ?:smoke:
  4. nope it was actually for indoor growing. it was showed in an indoor growing movie...i wish i could just finddd it! i cant grow with my 400w light if i dont have to paranoid

  5. Feel free to send me your 400w light at any point in time
  6. no im good lol im keeping it for sure........wait do u guys use anything like a 400w or higher at home and use no protection foil?.....cause maybe i guess they dont investigate if u only have like one big power source like this..well its only 400w but stilll...hmm?
  7. I'm not 100% positive but i think the stuff the lines the inside of refrigerators is also anti-whatever u said.....

    If it is, i'm sure you can get that stuff for free at like junk yards or stop buy an

    appliance store and see if they have any junkers. hope that helps
  8. Hey bro, I'd stop smoking so much dope if you are really that paranoid. I'm pretty sure the helicopters will get you if you have a substantial heat source. a 400w light doesn't put out much more heat than say, a stove. I dunno, just a suggestion, but I've been using my 400w for awhile now, and I'm more converned about someone accidently finding my grow room more so than helicopters spotting my heat source. Also, what floor is your grow room on? mine is in the basement, so the heat is substantially deadened through all the levels of the house.

    Just a thought, hope that helps.

  9. so if i have a wood stove burning in my house the cops are gonna bust my doors in. and what about that little thing i like to call insulation. it is good that you are trying to be safe i just think it is a bit misplaced.

  10. I agree. If you're that paranoid you def. should quit. at least until you get your mind

  11. Ya thats a good idea...but im too lazy to do that haha....

    Dude i have only smoked bud 15 times in my life..once last year..14 this year...and on the 12 is when it FINALLY HIT ME...and i always smoked good just is different for some ppl....and it took me that 13 times for it to finally effect me...but before that i thought i was immune haha...and last time i was high was abouuuttt last tuesday....
    So really im not paranoid because of that but because i am scared of my pareeents getting the blame for shit i did and paying the time in jail.....cause honestly...immagine all the griefe and guilt u would have if you are growing in you closet, them having no idea...then suddenly boom cops come in...handcuff ur parents 20 min later...and then their in prison for what...? 10 years i dunno lol....but yeah anyways back to the subject...i guess i will just get some mylar...and not any anti ovens really give off.....oh nvm im a dumass ya they most likely do give off just as much haha. Thanks so much bro for the help now im more chill and not worrying.

    OH! and my room is on the ...lets see we have like 4 on the 3rd one down....and then there is the basement/garage which is underneath but sorta to the side of the house so i guess thats not considered....but ya im on bottom floor i guess...If i hadnt been told of that oven thing on how they are just as hot then i probly would still be sketchy haha...
    Thanks to finding mylar on ebay he he he
  12. yo dude you are too paranoid the only thing you have to worry about is getting caught by your parents if you follow these rules NO Smell NO Sell NO tell the only person that knows about it is you No freinds No Family and No Girlfreinds /Boyfreinds and last but not least no light leaks my adice to you is to get 3 150 cfl from from home depot 6 dollars a piece plus 10 for the light bulb if you worried about heat but if your not 400 watt HPS is the way to go but remember to get a fan cause your plants wont survive the heat heres a goodlink 160 dollars for the fan is money worth spent good luck:wave:

  13. I have told friends already.....notm many...i have had to tell some it was wild orchids....just cause i got sketchy that i shouldnt have told them the other side of it..i say to them ' ahah i was jk its not weed its wild orchids....their iligal thats why its in my closet" so ya...cause i was also thinking of wild orchid growing haha cause they are like 1k ya that works too...Wait so my normal computer fans wont work? i have 1 on the left side down like 3 feet and one on the right down 3 feet as well and then one neer the top in the center.....the two on the sides intake air, and the one at the top, since hot air rises, spits it out....then i have a filter type of fan...that i will use later when plant is bigger....shouldnt this work?
    thx man
  14. i am pretty sure in the USA they are not allowed to infered your house withought a warrent.... or PC
  15. ok thats good to know. Thanks
  16. haha dude... nobody is going to detect the heat from your light from the sky... you're crazy.

    when helicopters go out they are looking for outdoor crops. to be safe inside you must make it hidden and don't tell anyone (including girlfriends and friends) about it. you are definitely worrying about the wrong thing.
  17. haha ya ok im pretty much set now for knowing what and what not to wory about and not to do and what TO do...
  18. My stepdad is a S.W.A.T. team coordinator and at least in texas I know that they fly around in unmarked black helicopters to infared houses.
  19. H4,
    I guess you did not believe me when I said the supreme court ruled it unconstitutional to use infrared for detection activities. Thats cool. Here is a link that proves what I was saying. Read the whole thing but pay special attention to my post on page 2. I researched and found multiple links proving this.

  20. well im going to sue that bastard.... no just kidding but that is a bummer, those texas swat guys are crazy, good thing i dont live there.....

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