anti depressent + cops.

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  1. okay so my girl friend said she was going to kill herself to one of my friends and she phoned the cops, she would never do it i know that my friend is no longer my friend. so the cops said my girlfriend HAS to get antidepressents and take them. i thought that you can refuse to take drugs... in canada people cannot be commited as insane so why can the cops order you to take an unsafe drug that can potential cause suicide if you come off of it.

    can she refuse to take them? or no (in canada)
  2. simple solution - YEAH SURE I'll TAKE EM. and don't take them

    its easier to play the game than fight it
  3. Since when does becoming a cop qualify you in making medical decisions?
  4. Um, she threatend to kill herself. You're her boyfriend. You should be telling her to take those pills.
  5. I would recommended her to see a psychiatrist which can't be guaranteed since it's very expensive. And then the doctor would decide if she needs any necessary medication from there. You can't even be prescribed medication without a psychiatrist so I don't see any way they can force that.
  6. if some police officer busted in my house and started demanding my family members to eat pills, id freak out in his face.

    but if a doctor or someshit is telling her that she should do it. but some of those anti depressants make peoples depression and crazyness go haywire. let her take the pills and keep an eye on her.
  7. It doesn't matter if you know she wasn't going to, i thought the same thing after my girlfriend said it over and over and then actually tried one night. I was forced to call an ambulance because she had taken a ton of (unsaid) pills. The doctor said she would have died if i didnt. The girl i love, die, because i didn't think she was going to. Since that night, i take even the slightest of talk about suicide serious. If she is saying it, then she needs help. Weather she means it or not, something is wrong.She may not mean it now, but it could get a lot worse in the future.

    I don't mean to preach, but i don't want to see you make the mistake i almost did and NOT take it seriously.

  8. real talk
  9. anti depressent + cops= better society
  10. Just get her to smoke weed bro
  11. Also maybe change up her birth control
  12. Fuck anti depressants.

    I had a terrible experience with them after being prescribed to them.

    Itll only cause more problems in the end to me.
  13. Anti depressents are the worse thing ever.
    My mom took some a few months back, cuz she was stressing, and the doctor told her to take them, and they just made her more depressed.
  14. anti depressants are so bad yes oh yey im happy oh so happy then after you stop taking them (if you ever do)... you want to fucking kill yourself 2000X more. i told her to go to the doctor and if she gets the prescription dont go get it unless you absalutly 100% need it. i also told her that i will be her anti depressant and im going to try alot harder in our relationship. everyone can be happy without these synthetic shitty drugs you just have to find the right thing. nobody should ever take them. my dad took some form of them to quit smoking and when he came off them he was suicidal almost and had no reason to live. hes the happiest guy i know.

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