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  1. I've been constantly depressed for nearly 2 years now. There might be a couple o weeks in those whole two years where I wasn't, but basically, I'm miserable.
    Sometimes, I don't even know why I'm depressed, I just am. And that's even worse than when I do have a reason (I have plenty right now) because it really confuses me.

    I've tried for so long to find something that makes me happy, but that's gone now, and I can't cope any more with all this shit.

    So, I want some anti depressants, because if I can't get happy normally, then I might aswell get some pills that make me think I'm happy.

    So, does anyone know how I can legally get hold of some anti-depressants in the UK??? Do I need to see a doctor and get a prescription?? Or can I just buy them somewhere?

    Thanks for any help.
  2. He man,

    Feeling depressed for over two years is NOT a good thing, go see a doctor and tell him about your troubles. I don't know what makes you depressed, but Pills definately can help you. They won't solve your problems, but will help you to cope with them. Do not feel discouraged if it does not help at once, lots of people must find their unique prescription and dosis. Everyone is unique, so is your treatment. Give it time.

    Never (NEVER, NEVER) medicate yourself, that can make things worse, go see a proffesional and try to talk to a Psychiater or Therapist. A good internet group online is :

    If I can give you one good advise, be carefull with your smoking, it can bring you in dissbalance at this moment.

    The reason I know a lot about depression is because someone very close to me had a severe depression for a couple of years. With the proper help (pills also :) ) he has recovered a 100 % , so can you!

    Good Luck and Peace

  3. arseface, that's not true,i am sorry you didn't get the help you needed, that's really sad that they wouldn't listen to you.

    d9_thc go see your doc! some docs are good and some aren't.some are pill happy and practicly give em away. don't try doin this by yourself. that's why there are docs. tell them your story and hope fully you find the right doc to help.maybe ask flowerchild420 about the types of pills to take. she's a nurse. they know this stuff. you'll probly need a prescrition. i hope you feel better, take care.
  4. Hi d9 mate.

    Most people suffer these depressions from time to time
    i suffered on and of for years.

    About two years ago i visited the doc's and he perscribed me a low doseage of cipramol an anti depressant, took a fortnight to kickin properly but they did there job
    i wish i'd gone years before.

    The course of tablets was for six month some
    folk have problems stopping after a long period but didn't notice any
    withdrawl myself.

    Arseface's advice on lifestyle change is good advice.
    But may be difficult if you have family responcebilities.

    Two years is along time to suffer go see your family doctor and sit and talk with him mate.
  5. D9, I feel you. I have gone through that and my longest period with no help was probably about two years. It was wasted time and almost let me take the rest of my time away completely. You absolutely have to find things that you will enjoy doing that will bring happiness into your life. That is SO very important.

    I've gone to many doctors and have taken many different drugs and I have to say that I agree with arseface. Just in general, when I work out or play sports, I feel great. Exercise improves blood flow to the brain, elevates your mood and relieves stress....supposedly.

    I went to psychologists and psychiatrists and I think that some people may benefit from therapy and such...but for me it was crap. However, I will say this...the meds helped get me to a point where I was happy on my own. Once they found the right ones, I was back to normal in no time and was weaned off of the drugs until I was back to my dorky happy self.

    I think people sometimes just go into a funk and need a bit of help to crawl out of it.

    I'm not sure how it is there, but here we have to have a prescription from a doctor for anti-depressants.

    St. John's Wort is an herb that is supposed to help. Vitamin B complex is another thing you can take that might be helpful and there is an amino acid supplement L-tryptophan, that increases the synthesis of serotonin which will make you happier. We don't have it in the US unless they changed things but you may have it there.

    Good luck, D9!!!!
  6. Thanks for all the quick responses guys :)

    Thanks for the advice. I'm not going to just get some drugs on my own (althought I was), because I can see what a bad idea it would be.
    I recently moved to a new town, so had to register with a new doctor, and I have a checkup on Tuesday, so I think I'll ask about seein someone.

    I cut myself a lot aswell. I've also thought about suicide, but, to put it plainly... I never got around to it :D Which I'm glad about, because only today have I realised how many people at my college (and here) care about me, and I wouldn't want to put them through any shit.
    I think I'll probably try and get help, because I don't know whether they will listen or not, but I figure it's worth a try.

    Hopefully, flowerchild will see this thread and come to offer me her sagely advice :D And, like I said, I'm gonna go and see a doctor, and hopefully they can help, with drugs, or without.

    Fester + Woody
    Basically what I've said before..... erm... I don't like the sounds of that Seroxat... I saw a program on TV 'bout that, and apparently it has some awful withdrawal symptoms. I value my libido, too :p

    Thanks so much for all the advice guys, it's much appreciated :)
  7. Oh shit... and RMJL :)

    You replied at the same time as me.

    I've been searchin the net for all sorts of info on different drugs.

    And like I said to arseface... I won't know if the docs are a good idea until I've tried.

    I'm just gonna do whatever I think could help.
  8. Alright sweetie..........if you are suffering from depression without anxiety, you should try prozac, elavil, asendin, wellbutrin, celexa, anafril, serzone, remeron, paxil, pamelor, zoloft, desyrel, or effexor. There are alot of ante-depressents to choose from. I wouldnt suggest wellbutrin or effexor because of the number of side effects that you could have from them.

    Personally, I would start out with something low dose like zoloft, prozac, or paxil. Even though paxil's main side effect is you can't get an erection. So maybe that wouldnt be the best choice either.

    With elavil, desyrel, and serzone.........some people tend to stay sleepy all the time. But they work better long term once they get into your system.

    If you could take it, I suggest zoloft or paxil. You might suggest to the doctor to run a test to make sure you don't have a chemical imbalance thats causing this depression. If its just a chemical imbalance then there are a whole different catagory of drugs for that.

    I wish you luck and if you need anything just ask.
  9. NO NO NO- DO NOT TAKE ANTI DEPRESSANTS TOO EASILY. They can be good for a week but they are NOT a solution to your problems.

    1- Having talked with psychotherapists whom I know HAPPY PILLS DO NOT MAKE YOU FEEL HAPPY- IN FACT THEY CAUSE AN ABSCENCE OF ANY EMOTION.

    2- Your average doc will just perscribe you anti depressants without even caring or knowing about your problem.

    3- You can get addicted and coming off them can be worse than before you got onto them...

    4- Ever heard of SOROXAT- they (the people) say that it is fast growing as a cause of SUICIDE in the uk.

    5- See a psychotherapist- problems of the mind require solutions of the mind (IE NOT DRUGS). Therapy can be a BIG help- beleive me I KNOW from SECOND AND FIRST HAND EXPERIENCE.
  10. im on antidepessants as well, but seriously, it don't do sh't. I still feel miserable, jus because my probs are ones that I have to solve, not a mental function. I prefer weed as my main antidepressant now

  11. First off, anti-depressants take anywhere from 2-3 weeks to get completely in your system before you will even start feeling any effects whatsoever.

    SOME doctors will over prescribe meds..........MOST docs..or at least 90% of the ones I work with do NOT prescribe medication unless they feel you truly can benefit from it.

    And whenever a person starts medication for depression, they also enroll in a therapy program where they can talk about whatever is bothering them. Psych nursing was where I first starting out when I finished nursing school.
  12. I disgaree with some thigns that have been said here. as well as agree. Im not going to point out things, but I will share this with you.
    I was seriously depressed through highschool. I didnt seek help until my 2nd year of college. 4 years of trying to change my lifestyle, myself, my surroundings, everything I could think of, didnt help me at all. You simply cant do this by yourself. A lot of the time, it can be a chemical inbalance. sometimes it can be the change of weather, or just something in your life that has taken its toll on you. Whatever the reason, the first thing is I suggest go talk to a doctor. I waited too long. I think I couldve helped myself long before I realized I needed to.
    I went to the doctor, and celexa (helps with mostly depression and anxiety) was suggested. I thought, at my most down and out moment I needed this to help. I was right. after being on it for almost a year, (it does need to be in your system for a while to work) I started pulling things together, and my life had flipped in a good way. I asked the doctor if I could try going off it. I did. 2 years later, I had a very bad experience in my life which I felt like I was at rock bottom again. I couldnt even seem to help myself. I went back to the doctor, and he thought, maybe we should try this again..and take things slow, and by ear. So I did. recently, a major part of the problem was taken out of the equation in my life. I felt great. I knew the anti depressents did help, getting me on my feet and going again, and now I have just! came off them again. and I was keeping up with sessions with the doc everymonth or so to 'talk' It did help..
    I dont like the idea of neeeeding a pill to help me live my life. But through those times, I knew I needed something, and it did help me greatly. I have just come off the meds again, and I feel good. I dont think I have to depend on them, but I had to rough spots in my life where I was like some, to the point of suicide, I did cut, and have went through ups and downs, lying about anything and everything just so people wouldnt think anything was wrong. I wasnt fooling anyone though. finally I realized I cant fool myself.
    honestly, I think you should go check out a doctor if you can..I wish the best for you of can get rough sometimes..god knows.
  13. that's just my experience with them- each person is different but a majority of the experiences I have had/heard with anti depressants have shown that trend... make of it what you will...
  14. I haven't spoken about this to many of my friends. In fact, only one person, but now she is part of the problem, and she doesn't understand me anyway.

    I think I'd be far more comfertable talking to someone I don't know (a doc) because they're not going to twist around what I say and make me feel worse like some of my friends.

    My friend Emma asked what's wrong... and I said "Feelin shitty..." and all she could come out with was one of her usual snide remarks, this time, being "Ah, so you're sexually frustrated?"...

    Fuck her... just because she's 17 and she still laughs when someone says "Penis".

    If anyone can interpret this poem I have as my sig, then they'll see what's botherin me.
  15. I've been battling depression for about 5+ years now. Recently, I realized something... I think the drugs they had me on only made things worse.

    About 2+ months ago, I was hospitalized in a mental facility after I had a slight breakdown- I was overwhelmed and suicidal. All I wanted was someone to listen to me. Instead all I got was a bunch of heavy hitting pscyh drugs shoved down my throat whenever I trurned around. The next day I had calmed down and was feeling a bit better. All I wanted to to was go home and be with my boyfriend. The doctor refused to even talk to me about my problems or even listen to a damn word I had to say. he just ordered new drugs for me and told me to go take a nap. I decided to check myself out AMA. After that, I couldn't find a doctor in my area that would even see me. They were all up the ass of the doctor that had been "caring" for me at the hospital. I'm sorry, psychiatrists suck. They don't care about you. They find the best solution to the problem is handing them money and they'll hand you over pills that will FUCK you over.

    Trust me, man. Just stay away from that shit. I was taking 4 pills a day under doctors orders and I felt worse when I was taking them than I did when I wasn't. You don't need it- unless you are REALLY and I mean REALLY ready to hurt yourself or others. If you are just like me and want somebody to just listen to you and treat you like a human being, drugs aren't the answer- unless that drug is WEED!

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