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Discussion in 'General' started by Noldster, May 14, 2004.

  1. Who else here is an anti-dentite?
  2. Oh man, I just saw that rerun of Sienfeld again a couple days ago. LOL, man I love that show. :D
  3. It's like, anti-semite (jew). Except, it's for dentists.

    There are some hot dentist's assistants though... makes ya wanna put somethin in their mouth
  4. Living in KY as I do, I think it's required to be one.
  5. there are some hot dentists too...dont forget those
  6. ok, so the new rule, is that Anti-Dentite are for male dentists only, yay =)
  7. Hey. Anti-dentism is wrong!!

    Yeah, first it starts out with a few slurs, next thing you know, you're saying they should have their own schools.
  8. ^ Yeah whatever man, my dentist once ripped out one of my teeth...I'm sure he meant well and all...but damn!! That was one weird ass sound it made when it ripped out....

    These Pretzels are makin me thirsty!!
  9. "What's The Deal With Air Plane Peanuts?"

  10. Yeah when I was younger id always call em before my apointment and like book it off until I got caught, haha I just hate the people the smell the feeling I get ... But im glade that iv changed dentists it makes all the differnce eh?, I use to have a dentist that would be like flass more, you gatta blah blah your doing this wrong, blah blah blah and once I got the freeze stuff and it didnt go away for like 4 days cause the dentist hit a nerve ... I was scared and annoyed ... lol now I go to a dentist that hasa tv and puts sun glass's on me and she shuts up just the way I like my hair dressers, lol I dont liek small talk is I guees what im trying to say especially when the person should be focusing all his attention on my teeth, haha I once had to calm down a dentist, lol I biked forever to get to my dentist it took like an extra hour before I was taken in for reasons beyond me they tried to explain ... I was hoping id go in stoned and not care but when I seen the dentist approch me with a needle shacking in his hand from being nervouse I was like dude you aint working on my mouth like that ...but if I was stoned I think I wouldnt have noticed ...
  11. yeah whats up with them trying to talk to you while they have their utinsles in your mouth, like they ask you questions and when you respond you sound like the teacher in charlie brown. My Dentist always acts like he understands me like "yeah ahuh" Man shut the fuck up and work on my teeth!!!

  12. exactly or make retorical questions where a laugh or a face gesture would tell them your opinion on what they just said ... like dont get me wrong ill strike up a nice convo with her sometimes cause I really like the way she sees the world ... Like she thinks that there is no heaven but she believes that a part of us goes on and she said something to me once that produced a epifimy I asked her how can she not want to believe that they're is life after death, she said well I dont think id be worrrying about it, hahaha its true like why fear death we wont care when were dead, and if I was to die today id die a happy person and I guees thats all that matters right?
  13. hhhmmm ..I never thought to ask my dentist his views on death....may have to bring that up when I go in for my next cleaning..

  14. so you're telling me that dentists shouldn't be able to go to school? :p
  15. I just went to the dentist yesterday...

    Walked out with a $950 bill for one quadrant...

    Three more to go...
  16. ^ WHAT?!? a grand and you need more?!?!? what exactly did he do that cost a grand??!?!
  17. Well she had to remove fillings my previous idiot of a dentist screwed up and refill them...

    He filled over decay rather than removing it, and passed it off as a done job...

    And combination of drinking a 12 pack of soda a day and the moron of an orthodontist who used too much acid to remove my braces few years ago wore out my teeth, so there was a few touch up spots there...
  18. How much is it going to cost you total?

    Doesn't that shit come with a waranty?

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