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  1. Discuss all things anthropology, big and small, complex and simple.
    Any one study it as a hobby, class, or career?
    What kind of anthropology interest you: Cultural, Biological, Archaeological, or Linguistic?

    it is a passion of mine. I'm constantly doing historical research on ancient civilizations and new findings around the world
  3. Feel free to watch more of Michael Tellinger's videos... especially the ones about Adam's Calendar.. I know some are kind of long, but it is worth the watch.
    Anything from Michael Tellinger should be taken as entertainment, not education.. cause that's literally what he is, an entertainer. He is a song writer/singer who only has a degree in pharmacy. All his "research" with anthropology was based off of Sitchin's work, which is Ancient Alien theories.. and the AA theory is on par with religion, a joke. A modern day snakeoil salesman who's main motivation is making money off of his books and tours. You do know he believes that Adam's Calendar was where the Nephilim from Planet Nibiru established their gold mining operation with human slaves right? He doesn't say it on the website, only that it is 200,000 years old and humans were mining gold there, but if you pay him (lol) to take you on a tour of it, that's when he spews his bullshit religious belief..
    Anyway, now that that is out of the way.. if anyone is interested in learning about our past, this is a great series for that.

  5. I follow Michael Tellinger for his UBUNTU movement, but I only appreciate his anthropological studies.
    Never does he claim to be some famous archaeologists with loads under his belt. What he does is spend his free time doing those digs/discoveries, not his work time.. so dismissing him and literally talking down about a great man is completely bonkers. he is a political activist, not fuckin' indiana jones lol. And I've known about adam's calendar since BEFORE he posted about it, except he uncovered tons and tons of more information about the stone than others cared to study (or just didn't notice), which gave him the leg-up in his discoveries. The cone-type tools, the special stones that can only be cut by Air / Sound that are perfectly shaped? Sounds like advanced technology to me.. makes you wonder what would have happened if Tesla wasn't silenced.. free wireless energy.. but I digress. Tellinger goes around the world doing 2 hours+ conferences to top men of science and very few turn away from his findings... but it is not his main goal or lifes work. UBUNTU is his lifes work. he's just one man, you can't expect him to be a jack of all trades nor any other political activist.
  6. I don't expect anything from him.. he is a hack when it comes to anthropology. He is operating under the delusional assumption of ancient aliens. It's his personal belief, one that he is working to make true.. not finding out if its true.

    Follow him for whatever you want, I'm just saying you shouldn't follow him for his "scientific" work cause he isn't a scientific person. It's come up on GC time n time again, and each time proved to be as ridiculous as the last. Stones that can only be cut with air or sound.. lol, yeah ok. Sounds like you dip into the ancient alien theory for more than entertainment.. and if that's the case, you're going to deny yourself the wonders of how it all really happened.

    It's like the pyramids. To assume aliens or some super advanced culture helped them build them is shutting yourself out to how awesome they really are. How WE built them in our infancy.. one of the greatest testaments to what mankind can do when we work together.
  7. sweet..we can discuss Bourdieu and his idea of the various types of capital since I have to lead discussion on that chapter of his book tomorrow. Or if it's more interesting I also have to read about Foucault and his interpretation of Jeremy Bentham's Panopticon. It was actually not a bad reading week.
  8. After reading this, it was hard to continue :lol:

  9. This be a weed forum. Expect a lot more conspiracy talk than legit Archaeology talk.

  10. Ha no kidding. I've been here a while. I know how it really works

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    did you really just say 'when we work together?' I didn't know being whipped and buried inside stone slabs as its being built counted as team work.
    but whatever man.
  12. And that right there tells me you don't know anything about the pyramids.. I mean I know its hard to learn facts from hacks who push pseudoscience, but the pyramids weren't built by slaves. They were skilled workers who were fed properly and even given medical care, who were also buried with respect when they died. Slave ownership during the time of the construction of the pyramids was more for personal use, like those who fed and bathed royalty. The workers who built the pyramids were just like workers today, but you'll never learn that by following ancient alien theorists..
    "But let's not exaggerate here, they lived a short life and tomography skeletal studies show they suffered from bad health, very much likely because of how hard their work was." from the Guardian.
    children are too young and incapable of making their own decisions were forced to build as well.
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    How bout we pull out some quotes from the link you provided..
    So when you said they were built by slaves.. you actually meant they weren't? lol (Edit: my bad, your never actually called them slaves.. but I bet that's what you thought they were with getting whipped)
    Shall we keep going? I just find it oddly asinine that you said they were slaves and then link an article explaining that they weren't slaves. Where is the sense in that?
    Plenty more.. from your article.
    Do we not have workers today who's bodies get beaten and battered from their job? They weren't whipped, they weren't buried inside stone slabs as it was being built. If any worker was built into the pyramid, it was because there was an accident and they couldn't get to them to get them out.. which has happened in present day. There was a bridge where I grew up that a worker fell in while they were pouring concrete and that's where he stayed.. with a plaque in his memory.
    Also, children weren't forced to work on the pyramids.. they stayed at home with the mother, an actually dwelling for each family group. Again, you're not going to properly learn shit from people like Tellinger. Instead, you're going to make a claim and then post an article that counters your claim, and then post a picture of Kermit the frog like you actually know shit. If you don't know about the pyramids, don't talk about them.. it's simple.
    That whole article proves my point. throughout the whole thing it states there was a legitimate system in order for the builders, yet at the very end of the article it clearly states the end do not justify the means. they lived short lives. horrible, back-breaking lives. and buried in the fetal position with alcohol? probably hoped it would help them forget in the afterlife.
    That is called being a worker.. and that was the job at the time. No different than today. You can say the same thing about crab fisherman or any other labor intensive job today. The humans of our past were really no different than humans today, just that they lived in a different time period. I've seen this time and time again as well.. someone who doesn't know better and thinks that the pyramid builders were mistreated slaves who then finds out they weren't slaves, still will try to make it sound like they were slaves just so they don't have to admit they were ignorant on the subject.
    And actually, the whole article proves my point that they were workers working together for a common cause.. and that's why the pyramids are one of the greatest example of what can be done when humans work together. Not an example of humans working under some advanced culture or aliens to suit their purpose.
    Also, people drank more alcohol than water back then as clean water wasn't a thriving commodity.. It was sacred to them, part of their everyday lives. They're not going to bury a worker with alcohol for them to drink in their afterlife if they thought they were worthless workers/slaves.
    ya, getting drunk was sacred to them to drown their sorrows. anything that alleviated pain they considered 'holy'
    So.. I take it that your mind is closed off to any actual information? If I threw some aliens in there, would you be more open? I'd feel like a worthless hack if I stooped down to Tellinger's level, but maybe I should try to twist the facts with aliens and lost advanced technologies where they use sound to cut rocks while sneaking some real information in there? Reminds me of how I have to wrap my dog's medication in bologna to get her to eat it..
    it's funny, i never mentioned aliens. you assume I believe in them because I appreciate his physical findings. you're a joke if you think im some ufo conspiracy theorist.
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    I just think your idol is a joke when it comes to ancient humanity, whom you seem to follow.. I remember one of his physical findings that some other ill informed person brought up in a discussion here, that he found old organic matter at Adam's calendar and that was his physical proof.. but he never said what that organic matter was, nor was there ever any followup. Typical thing people do when they believe in a fantasy, pull anything and everything out their ass and say it's proof.
    PS - I said aliens and advanced civilizations.. maybe I should of said "and/or"? I know you need things spelled out for you, but damn man.. but being a UFO conspiracy theorist would be on par with believing that there are stones dating many many thousands of years old that can only be cut with sound. I mean, come on.. apply some critical thinking to that for once.

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