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  1. Is the light too close or am I good?

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  2. no other way around to far away
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  3. Even for the tallest one?
  4. ya for that small of a light you can get the bulb real close to the plants id drop it by like half the current hight
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  5. whats the temp at the canopy?
  6. How's this?

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  7. Oh man I don't know. The lamp gives off a slight warm feeling but doesn't burn my fingers
  8. the temperature of the leaf is always about 10 degrees hotter inside the leaves. So you want your light as close as possible that is not too hot. So if the canopy is at 70 degrees then inside the leaf is about 80, this is a good temp to be around. but if your light is too close and makes the canopy like 80, then its really about 90 inside and not healthy for cellular function, just my opinion
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  9. cool well just invest in a little thermometer at Wally mart for less than 5 bucks. this is good to have. umm but doesn't sound like its too hot so you should be good.
  10. Oh okay. That makes sense. I'll get a thermometer. Thanks a lot! :)
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  11. Look up a multi sensor app. They're free. It will use the front camera as a light sensor. 40k-50k lux is where you want to be. Anything over 90k may cause damage.

    You really only have to worry about heat when you're dealing with HPS/HID. your plants will also tell you if they're getting hot.

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  12. TonyStarks i thought temperature in general is always something to be worried about... it doesn't have to be heat from the light itself, it can be heat in a warm room plus a t5 light that is too close, together they can do damage. I have learned that it is best to always try and be in optimal temperature range 70-75
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  13. Not sure if this has already been said, but get your tops to the same height. Put some books or blocks or something under the short ones to get tops even.

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