Ant invasion!! What do i do?

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  1. went to go check on the thing and saw ants all over a branch!! some of those unlucky mother fuckers got stuck on the bud! lifted up the cube and shit load of ants under the cube! WTF DO I DO? i have floramite, im not sure if that will kill ants but when is the latest one can spray? i dont want to get the shit all moldy now.
  2. Umm... kill the ants?

    Plenty of 'ant killer' options at local stores, most of which are not sprays.
  3. NO SHIT KILL THE ANTS MAN... what do i use that will not harm the plants or fuck up the buds and make it all moldy?
  4. A permythrin spray around all the crack around your room and outside. Around where the ants enter.

    Ant trap/poison BUT take some frozen orange juice and mix it in with the poison. They wont be able to resist the orange juice and will take it back to the nest.

    Get an ant eater?
  5. Wow, someone didnt bother reading my post... there are TONS of Ant pesticides which are NOT sprays. Meaning they are bait or drops you put down. In either case, the pesticide wont be near your plants as a mist might do.

    You need an actual name of what to use? Black Flag Ant Baits.
  6. If there are still ants on your plant, spraying them with a little soapy water will kill them. For inside the box, I have personally used Antrol with great results. It comes in a small glass bottle and says to open the lid and lay the bottle on its side near a trail. However, they never seemed to be very attracted to it. Since then, I take a small square of tinfoil, and pour a quarter size puddle of Antrol in the middle and add about 1/2 teaspoon of sugar. The sugar disolves, and the ants will literally clean up this puddle in 24-48 hrs. depending on how bad you are infested. They then take this poison back to the nest and feed it to the others, eventually killing them all. P.S. If you spray the plants with soapy water, wipe as much off as you can after the ants die, to prevent a chance of mold.
  7. I've used Diatomaceous Earth to treat ants in my garden and also in soil pots. DE is a fossilized shell flour that when it comes in contact with any insect, will abrade the exoskeleton and cause the insect to dry up and die. It is safe to humans and pets, and is a natural product. When applied to the soil around the base of your plants, any insect that crosses it will die.
    It is also a natural source of silicon, and is beneficial to plant health. Silicon builds stronger cell walls in plant tissue. I routinely add it to my soil mixes when doing soil grows. I got a 50lb bag of it at my feed store for $28.00, but you can buy smaller boxes at garden centers for cheaper. Here's a link that tells about it's insect killing properties:

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