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Answers needed....

Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by Kiefsweat, May 8, 2011.

  1. Real quick question, i need answered by today haha
    mods can delete this if they want..but
    does any one use blue bonnet regular cholesterol free, stick butter for cannabutter?? im going to make some, and this is all i have here at the moment.
    maybe something i can add to fatten it up w/o diluting it too much.
    thanks guys
    i neeedd your help. just quick answer is all.
  2. I only use the butter I would eat to be honest. When making cannabutter, its important to use fresh butter (fat's aren't spoiled and you have better tasting final product), and something you would want to eat normally. Other than those things, you can pretty much change it up however you want it.

    Also, the butter recipe I use takes about 12-24 hours after I simmer my trimmings with the butter (it's Hashmouf's recipe on the first page of this forum page). But if you want to, you can add trimmings to just about any fat (olive oil works well if you wanna keep it healthier, lard, bacon fat, lardon (basically rendered pork fat of any kind)). There's a lot of options so play with it.

    Measurements are never really my strong point either so as far as how much herb to add to get you to a certain high, I really don't know. I figure, you can add as much as you want, just make sure you check taste and you'll be fine (more the merrier right?). Hope this helps.
  3. Ok. when i do mix the 2 together, do you think a thicker consistency(less butter) would make it stronger? im using stems and leaves and kief, not a lot though. so im thinking maybe I have like a half a cup of stems and shit, to saay,maybe 1/3 cup of butter?
    idk i can never make my recipe work though.
  4. Well i just made some cannabutter with all of my stems and leaves and kief, and some buds. I used some sweet cream land o lakes butter with canola oil in it i think, and im pretty sure it may work. if you guys want pics i can do that.. its in the refridgorater cooling off rite now.
  5. I've only used regular unsalted butter. What's it look like, now that it has had time to settle? You could make some "green" eggs and ham for breakfast! >_>

  6. Weelll, i ended up making some strawberry shortcake muffins using all of the butter I made. I will assume i got lit as fuck, because i had some wild ass dreams, i think i was traveling out of my body last night in fact..
    anyway, I ate all of the muffins minus one, cause i was soo full and then an hour or so later i passed the FUCK out man haha like, haarrdd.
    i guess i was tired, but id been smoking all day, drank some scullcap tea earlier as well before i ate those. idk
    ill try again one day. sucks..
  7. Nice, I find falling asleep after smoking/eating is such a waste. But I am sure you had some nice dreams!

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