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Answering all Firecracker questions.

Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by Kronologick, Jan 22, 2010.

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    Ask your Firecracker questions in here.

    Anybody can answer.
  2. I've seen some tuts that say to wrap them, and one from this website Cannacrackers - step by step recipe by kisps showing that you dont need to wrap them. Have you tested if wrapping them makes any diffrent in potency or anything?
  3. I usually do mine for 20 minutes, on 350. If you did it like that, which the tutorials tell you to do, it would burn the cracker if it wasn't wrapped. I don't think there is much difference, it's really just whether you want a burnt cracker or not.
  4. how much dank should i add to get really fucked up?

  5. 2-3 g's of dank will fuck you up beyond belief, turn on some music and have the ride of your life...
  6. actually, .5-1g could fuck you up beyond belief depending on how well you make them, and how your tolerance is. I would start with .8-1g, because 2+g might be TOO much.

    Wrapping them helps keep any THC that starts to vaporize [its always gonna happen but on a small scale], inside the package and reabsorb into the crackers/mixture. Therefore, it is wise to wrap them. Also, if any THC vaporizes without being wrapped, the smell is going to escape.
  7. I have a question
    when baking/cooking then does the house or kitchen smell like weed?
  8. Not at all.

  9. Thanks bro !
    Guess I'm gonna hav to get sone crackers
  10. I was planning on making a few fire crackers for next weekend, 7 days away. If I use the non baking method will this allow enough/too much time for the thc to absorb into the oils of the peanut butter?
  11. 7 days sounds about right. Why not just make them now, and leave them for 7 days.. they will be even more potent. If you're worried about cooking them, dont be. There is absolutely no smell, and you can just put something else in the oven that blocks the view of them.. even though you cant see the marijuana anyways.

  12. Cool, thanks man. Two more questions: can I bake them and then let then sit for a few days for more potency, or is that not neccessary? Also, how can I measure out about a gram w/out a scale? Maybe lmeasure ny the size of a quarter or nickel, some thing like that. Thanks again.
  13. 1. I'm not quite sure how that works, but I know it wont hurt. I've made them, and left them out for a day or 2, and those ones worked just as well as the ones I ate 3 minutes after making them.

    2. Not sure.
  14. 1: You can bake them and let them sit for a few more days, that will increase potency... because basically any THC that was not absorbed in the baking process [near impossible to get 100% absorbtion] will be absorbed through waiting.

    2: This is actually pretty difficult, but you have to sort of Eye Ball it. If you know what a gram looks like all finely grinded and such, and then you slice it into portions, this is how you get the best answers. The hardest part is every fern is different... some are denser than others, ect.


    In this picture I found, that is a little more than what I use per cracker. It looks like a gram or so to me but, hey
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    Ive tried a few times making firecrackers, and each time, im not getting high.

    Im using about 1g of mid grade green, ground up nice and fine,

    with peanut butter holding it all together. 20mins @ 350 wrapped in tinfoil.

    Ive never been stoned from eating, and a few failed attempts is quite discouraging, as it gets to be an expensive experiment.

    Any input would be appreciated
  16. what type of peanut butter? Also, have you added any oils? How well did you wrap them? Also, try to let them sit in there for a few more minutes, and let them cool first too.

    I do PeanutButter/Nutella/Oil mix, with .7g of mids, 350 for 23 mins, nicely wrapped, let it cool for 10 mins, and my friends and I have been gone every time.

    look at this:
  17. first off thank you so much for making this.

    ive tried a couple times making these and i catch a really nice buzz of them but its not like im stoned or anything which is what everyone says should happen.

    what i did is i ground up .5+ grams of kb real fine with a magic bullet and put it on the peanut butter (i used teddy's crunchy mixed with a little bit of vegetable oil to get a more oily mix), wrapped them in tinfoil and cooked at 320f for 23 mins. i let them sit for four days after.

    so what am i doing wrong. i think its the pb isnt organic. but idk so thanks for the help
  18. No problem.

    I've read a few claims that crunchy peanut butter doesn't work, so try to avoid that. I'll just guide you through the exact way I do it, that's worked every time, that way you cant screw it up.



    350 for 20 minutes.

    That will work every time!
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    basically what Kronologic said.

    I myself do what he did, except 350 for 23 mins instead of 20, and I use Skippy mixed with Nutella mixed with large amounts of canola oil.

    Also, just to specify, make sure its preheated to 350 so that it will be 350 degrees when they go in.

    Foreal tho, GC need to add Help sections, because a lot of the helping we do are over the same questions, but someone makes a thread about it every time.


    Firecracker Help Thread
    Cannabutter Help Thread
    Green Dragon/Tincture Help Thread

  20. hey ive got one more question for you.

    the first time i made them i mixed the mj in with the pb and put that on the crackers, the second time i just sprinkled it on pb that was already on the cracker.

    does it make a difference>

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