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    Short answer: it's probably not a good idea
  3. I would be more worried about handing my money away for free than the feds showing up for ordering a small amount of cannabis for personal consumption.
    I think the chances of getting caught is quite low unless they are watching the supplier online, which there is a very good chance they might be.  It's not hard to see who is doing what on the internet.  
    To be honest though it's a good question about the consequences.  I would be curious if they could try to hit you with trafficking or if it would be a measly possession charge or possibly completely overlooked just like when seeds get seized by customs.
    You have got to ask yourself WHY IN THE WORLD is this person trying to sell their shit on the net?  IME GOOD POT SELLS ITSELF.  Everyone wants the good shit and the word spreads fast.  If you need to resort to internet there is something seriously wrong with the situation. Likely a scam artist/ripoff artist.  Personally I wouldn't consider it in a million years however I could see why some people might consider it. I'd rather go pester around the trendy folky hippie artsy part of town(you know every major city has one) and try to score randomly.
  4. someone (OP) discovered the undernet... :laughing:
  5. Hypothetically :)
  6. Theoretically O.O

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