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answer to finding weed on the ground

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by 89Gilbert, Jan 11, 2013.

  1. ive read/heard many stories on this. SSSOOOOOOO

    Don't you put it in your pipe
    Don't you put it in your pipe
    don't you put it in your pipe
    don't stuff it in your bowl
    don't stuff it in your bowl
    though it might look good to toke
    though it might look good to toke
    and it might look good to smoke
    and it might look good to smoke
    you could get sick
    real quick
    real sick
    real ick
    Don't you put it in you pipe
    nu uh
    till you ask someone you trust
    thats right sis
    if its okay to light
    if its okay to light
    like a incense or a bong
    like a incense or a bong
    if you dont know just what it is
    remember boys and girls
    Don't puuuut it innnn your pipe

    originally- don't you put it in your mouth
  2. What? You are saying not to pick up weed that I drop onto the ground? 5second rule!
  3. weed you find in the forest or sumttin
    no idea who, what, when, where and why the weed is lurking
  4. Aaahahahahahahah.


    your probly too young
    use google
  7. False. My friend found a whole quad in the woods near his house when he was walking home. He came over and we hella blazed
  8. dawg, you trippin'
  9. man ALWAYS grab that free weed
    take it home and make sure it looks safe, no scetchy powder/smells/etc and no mold/bugs
    if it passes, light up :bongin:
  10. smoke it, lol. one time i was with my cousin and we had a quarter. we smoked a blunt then went to get ice cream, and the ***** DROPPED the rest of the weed (and i paid for all of it). he didn't realize it til like 20 min after we left when we were about smoke again, and by then it was too late. the weed was gone. we had to resort to smoking scraps that equaled like .2 for the rest of the night
  11. I'd like to hit some of that weed you're smoking :smoking:
  12. if i ever found weed on the ground i would .................................
  13. I don't care about bugs.
    [ame=]Smokin A Roach - YouTube[/ame]

    But if you find weed on the ground. Grab it and leave a note saying to contact you if he comes looking back for what he lost. Then you can help the poor guy who lost it, make a stoner friend and blaze together.
    Haha could make a good movie. If there's a weird pineapple express kind of plot twist.
  14. If I found weed on the ground I would go somewhere else and smoke it. Not where I found it.
    Let's say I leave you go to the woods. Find an 8th of fine bud. So you and your buddies decide to roll it up. You start smoking. Five minutes later a dude and his crew come and start beating your asses.

    Damn. I'm high. Haha but for real. Dissapear with it.

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