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Answer question above you.

Discussion in 'General' started by Lavions, Aug 17, 2012.

  1. So I start...

    Do you mix weed with tabacco?
  2. Hell no, never smoke tobacco

    Do u own a bong over $250
  3. Hell no.

    Are you high? :D

    Did you ever hate weed?
  5. No I just didn't know what it was

    You have woken up on a roof?
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  6. Yes but I remember Falling asleep there to, we stole the pillows off big lawn chairs to lay on and like 4 of us crashed on the school roof, there was a spot that was only 8-9ft off the ground and was a simple jump up

    Have you ever puked from being so high?
  7. No.
    Have you ever watched porn?
  8. Of course.

    Have you ever been arrested?
  9. More times than i care to remember

    Have you ever been so drunk you've pissed yourself?
  10. almost

    have you ever been so high/drunk that loud music makes you so sick
  11. Yes. Too much bass + drunk = sick.

    Have you ever smoked in your parent's house while they were home?
  12. yeah in my room all the time (only 3 days til im back at college wooo!)

    do you mix smoking weed and drinking?
  13. All the time. I think when I want to get super baked I like downing a decent bit of alcohol so im more functional. What i call Cross faded. Plus when i get sick from drinking i smoke an feel better.

    Do you have any plants growing?
  14. Nope not right now.

    Would you bang a 16 year old that was hot if there was no possibility of anyone ever finding out?
  15. #16 tihanachu, Aug 17, 2012
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    right now i'm only 19 and age of consent is 16, i doubt a 16 year old boy would turn around and say i raped him too lol yeah sure

    have you ever overdosed on something?
  16. Yep. Morphine.
  17. Question?

    Have you ever watched porn on your phone?
  18. my phones not capable of it, but my itouch on the go, hell yeah. idgaf

    Have you ever been arrested for the sweet herb?
  19. Not arrested, but caught a few times

    Have you ever been to jail?

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