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  1. I posted this another forum for indoor rowing but thought I would toss it here as well to see what some others might say.

    ok so I'm a new to growing and new to the forum I will stick around aND post pics of the grow process as I see this is my new home for advice and information. As this is my second attempt with 3 more seeds (last round I believe was cooked/dehydrated), I want to ensure they get the most while not harming them.

    I have 3 of these:
    Sunlite PS30 300 watt Incandescent medium based PS30 high wattage bulb works with most 130 volt lighting fixturesandamp;amp;nbsp; This Floodlight will provide 3600 lumens of light output.

    And 3+ of 100 CFL bulbs

    The 300w bulbs give alot of heat btw. Currently I have 2 cfls and 1 300w. 2 plants are about half inch tall and one will be breaking ground tomm or tonight.

    They are in a cardboard, emergency blanket covered grow box with ventilation moving amd lights about 8 inches above.

    Standard organic soil and distilled water is all that's present as they were just planted yesterday. Was debating on switching to 18/6 due to reading about it. All and any feedback is welcome.

    Happy growing and glad to be here
  2. I don't think an incandescent bulb will do you much good other than heating the box.
  3. Welcome to the city! Changing to 18/6 from what? I agree with PNW, those incandescents won't do a thing for your grow. you should be fine with just the CFLs for now but I'd lower them to 5 inches and then bring them down an inch every couple days until the CFLs are only a couple inches from the tops of the leaves. It'll be okay for a bit because your plants are so small but in a few weeks they'll need more. when you say 100w CFLs do you mean 23w with 100w equivalent? That's not enough for growing a mature plant. Be careful with that cardboard/ Mylar sheeting, it's pretty flammable. You can get a really cheap dresser or something off craigslist if you don't want a tent., it'll be a lot safer than cardboard. Good luck growing, it's lots of fun and can bring many rewards.
  4. this is some great feedback and thank you for it.

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