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  1. You know this man right? he's the one who's responsible of MJ being illegal around the world.... Anyone else seen this documentary called "grass"? it's really good and shows the things like they are and why they are in the shape they are. For example Nixon formed an Commitee to research the effects of MJ, 8 billion $ were used and it was the largest done research on the subjevt and when they found out that there weren't any real "bad" side effects Nixon refused to read it! during the period between 1980-1988 246 Billion $ we're used in the "war on dope" with reagan saying stuff like "Marijuana is the most dangerous drug in our country" "we don't know what the side effects of MJ are but some of them are permanent" aaaaaaarrrrrrggggghhhhhh Why?! why!? MJ became illegal mostly because "white" people wanted to controll the Mexican workers who were smoking it.
  2. yes i know this. i havnt seen that documentary though.

    thnx for brining it up for those who dont know.
    not enough stoners know all the shit behind cannabis.

    Anslinger was (we can reliably asume) acting in the best interests of his uncle, who stood to loose out considerably as all the products and materials his industrys were involved in were inferior to cannabis (then called the Billion Dollar Crop).
    it wasnt just the mexicans... it was blacks too, and the narrow minded fear of the jazz scene.
    those were the times. racism was so comon it was normal... even almost expected.

    you can use that as a legitimate rebuttle to any prohibitionist or anyone acting in the interests of the prohibitionists (cops for example). I have. :D it wont get you of the hook, but it sure will keep them on their toes (to say the least).
    "Thats racist and your actions against cannabis are entirely born out of racism"

    Harry J. Anslinger was the embodyment of all that i hate. I hate him more than Hitler, Bush, Nixon, Longshanks, Thatcher, Stalin, etc, etc!
  3. so who are the modern day anslingers?

    in the uk Blunkett tops the bill, if only for his role in government.

    one other who would rank higher if only they had their way (more power) would be that stupid fat bitch from the conservative party... i forget her name just now.

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