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Another withdrawal question...

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by lk250f, Aug 5, 2011.

  1. Heres the story, slept over the girls house last night, last time i smoked was yesterday afternoon, well today i woke up and just didnt want to eat, nothing really appealed to me, tried eating toast and butter but it made me throw up, i did down a small bowl of cereal and i was fine. But i still feel a little woozy, most likely from not eating. But of course im worrying if this is withdrawal and not just a stomach bug, or whatever. The reason im worrying is that this past week, i was off from work so i was smoking all day everyday. I dont smoke a ton though, i usually vape a small bowl, wait a few hours then reload, etc. Im not Oz a week smoker by any means, 1/8 a week but thats even stretching it. I just got home and i want to smoke since it relaxes me and will get me to eat and get this off my mind. Im just worried, if its withdrawal i should probably stop until the symptoms go away and just smoke lightly. Its not like i have any cravings to smoke, i want to because i feel like shit. I do have anxiety btw which im sure is triggering this withdrawal worry. Also i never used to have a problem stopping, when i go on vacation i dont smoke, when i have work i dont smoke the whole day until night time. Is it all in my head? Also i got barely any sleep last night, took two naps already.

    TLDR; Im wondering if withdrawal symptoms can start almost instantly in an 1/8 per week smoker when he had no history of withdrawal or is it just from something i ate/virus. I dont have cravings, just feel a little sick. Barely slept the night before. Symptoms: no appetite, lethargy, dizziness(most likely from not eating).
  2. Weed has no addictive properties, it's not withdrawel.. Also..

  3. Holy shit you're dumb.

    People who smoke heavily and then give up often feel drowsy and lethargic for a few days after.
  4. damn, thanks for the spelling change on the tl;dr thing, im not even sure what it means. Im guessing its all in my head since ive gone MORE than 24 hours after smoking a heavy amount and never had problems. I quit for a couple months last fall after smoking daily for a good 7 months at least. It wasnt my choice so i got pissy but never sick.
  5. its not withdrawal, could be a bug. smoking more would help with nausea and appetite. i would smoke a bowl, drink a couple glasses of water, and have something to eat
  6. regardless, at least you know you will eventually be feeling better
  7. Most "withdrawal" symptoms i saw online were anxiety, restlessness, irritability, etc. I contribute my lethargy to not sleeping much last night, but i still slept and napped a bit today so im not restless. Im not irritable at all or anxious and craving smoking. Guessing its a bug? ill just chill for a bit, maybe vape a small bowl in a bit and see how it goes.
  8. Why are you overthinking stuff? Weed is like going for a run. After you take a run you are gonna feel hungry. And then you are gonna feel sleepy right? So if you run a lot your body will have no problem eating and no problem sleeping. But then when you stop getting that exercise you may find that you are not as hungry and have less of an appetite. And that it is sometimes hard for you to sleep. Weed is pretty much the same thing. If you smoke a lot and stop smoking you are gonna have trouble sleeping. And you might not feel as hungry anymore.

    If you aren't hungry just don't eat... You will get hungry and then you can eat. It probably is something else.

  9. Oh god not *gasp* a couple days yeah for the most part non-addictive less so by a good amount than caffeine so no nice try though.

  10. Yr not addicted nor is it cool to act addicted.

  11. Not on this site he isnt...

  12. Withdrawal gave me mild agitation, anxiety, and insomnia for about a week. It's really fucking easy to quit smoking pot though. If you want to honestly quit, you can.

  13. so confused..
  14. NO.............Ther aren't any withdrawels, cannabis is not phycically addictive
  15. You don't even get that when you stop doing coke cold turkey.
  16. The first few days may suck just because you're used to smoking a lot. Wanna know what withdrawal is like? I watched/heard me step dad throw up regularly from giving up drinking and nearly lose his mind for close to a year until he went to prison for two years. He's been sober ever since. If you think you're going through withdrawal then mentally and physically you're a weak human being.
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    I heard that alcohol withdrawal can be fatal. But im not quitting man haha, just didnt smoke for a day and wondering if this sickness is withdrawal. Ive quit before and yeah it sucks but mostly because i cant get high haha. I really do think this whole dizziness sickness thing is due to lack of sleep and food, which can really make you feel shitty.
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    Bout to vape a bowl, if these are true "withdrawal" symptoms then every symptom i have should just diminish right? Doubtful that will happen.

    EDIT: I started pondering if butane is the culprit since my vaporgenie requires you to inhale butane light fumes for a while but i took a two day break from it when i was away and didnt have problems. Guess im just sick, im halfway through my bowl, feeling it a little bit but im still sick. Darn /: At least i can look forward to browsing GC and jammin' to incubus.
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    Yes weed is addictive, from personal experience. Does no one listen to Dr. Drew? Withdrawal symptoms and suicidal thoughts can last 6 months for a regular smoker(I mean regular as in smokes an eighth every weekend with a friend or two). I've seen too many nice people become full blown bitches because they couldn't get their hookup for a few days longer. Everything in moderation, right? I understand saying that on here is like telling the palestinians to just find a new place to chill but whatevs. edit:I'm def not doing heroine or crack, the weed withdrawal was bad enough for me :|
  20. Go do some heroin and then come back and tell me weed has a withdrawal

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