Another Wisconsinite!

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by antiflag630, Sep 30, 2010.

  1. Hello all! I am born and raised in the Mil-Town (aka Milwaukee) but now am on my second year of college in Green Bay. So far I LOVE this site, and hope to become a very active member.

    If anyone in the GB area ever wants to have smoke sesh just get at me with a pm. I'd love to meet a few more daily tokers up here :D
  2. Welcome to GC:wave::smoke:
  3. Welcome to the city, nice to see someone else from Wisco here. How is UW-Green Bay? That's the one UW school where I don't know anyone that goes there. And I'm actually heading up to Green Bay this Sunday for the Packer game, no time to explore the city though, only been up there a few times before
  4. UWGB is great, for being raised in Mil-town I am quite the hick and love the country. Hence why I came up here. I've been searching threw the forums and came across a few members that live up here and sent them pm's. I'm really trying to find some legit smoking buddies up here. Everyone I smoke with don't smoke on a daily basis like I do, so they are always trying to be stingy with with money and what not and always expect me to supply the bud with out pitching in for it. I'm a college student on a budget, I can't afford to smoke 3-4 ppl up without a little help from them.

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