Another which one would you give up poll.

Discussion in 'General' started by smokinokie, Sep 16, 2001.


Which one would you sacrifice to have the other?

  1. Freedom

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  2. Security

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  1. So which do you think you could do with out?
  2. No hesitation, I couls give up security to keep freedom. Freedom in itself has it's own security
  3. Security with out freedom is alot worse than freedom with out security.

    We need our freedom.........
  4. I guess I just posted this hoping our leaders don't attempt to clamp our society shut. I don't think there is such a thing as true security. Sounds kinda pessimistic eh?
  5. were gonna losse some of our freedoms. whit every terrorist attack on the US we loose some of our rights. it is sad. everything is sad. what a sad world.
  6. Great question Smokie...I couldn't live without my freedom...or the right to speak freely...and live freely...I guess I couldn't handle listening to what other people told me to do...maybe that's why I don't. But, security...I don't think anyone is really all that secure...were we ever secure?...a false sense of security comes to mind when I think of the minds and hearts of many people in this country...:*(

  7. I would think no freedom without security, one cannot live without the other IMHO
  8. Well, I would sacrifice security to maintain freedom ... by the same token, freedom can also inspire security through the participation of the people.

    Just my thought on that.

  9. Somebody had a quote from Thomas Jefferson for a sig.
    I'm guessing here but I think it was,

    "Those who sacrifice freedom for security deserve neither."

    I kinda like that guy.
  10. Give me freedom, or give me a room full of hyperactive Chihuahuas who aren't housebroken (the latter I consider a fate worse than death).
  11. I choose...
    SECURITY... (I got scared!)



    yeah. definitely freedom.

    I agree with ColoradoWolf, good point. And yeah smokinokie, great guy eh? ;)
  12. I sure do miss ol' Bilray, (aka Started again). He'd always crack me up!

    I think the Colorado Wolf went and joined the military right after 9-11!
    I'll bet he's got some stories.
  13. I may be really STONED and missing something...

    But I just noticed most people here say they'd rather have their FREEDOM...

    But on the POLL itself, only 3 people (myself included) voted for FREEDOM and 18 for SECURITY.

    C'mon security-lovers, I wanna hear your story! LOL :)
  14. That's why we Love her, and call her,...Da..Da..Da..DAAAAAAAA! "SuperDork" !!!!! :D: :D:
  15. Superdork strikes again. That's why we love her so much.


    Smoky must have been sober when he phrased that question.

    Has smoky been a little more "restrained" since Mrs Smoky, aka patch has been frequenting the boards? or is it me. Whatever happened to them long rambling wacked out stoner stories?
  16. Wacked out rambling stoner?

    Nah, it ain't her fault, but between softball and trying to get caught up with the springtime chores by the time I get to the 'puter, I'm too pooped to write very much. I'm slowly gaining, but I got a lot of wacked out stoner stories I'll share later.
  17. I would sacrifice organized security for my freedom. Security wouldn't be a problem if you had the right shit backing you up. Gimme my guns and all the ammo I need and I will be fine without their security. I will establish my own security for myself.

    But to still have organized security in a society with no freedom is like not living, so that isn't an option.
  18. it all depends.. right now in the world as we know it id say security, but id give up my freedom to the right people.. if i didnt really need it.

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