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Discussion in 'Picture Post Archive' started by Phyll, Sep 24, 2003.

  1. ...must be indica or ? anyone have an idea of the strain?

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  2. it looks to me like indica...i may be wrong.. but it looks identical to some of my past friends indica plants....
  3. You stole that plant! Thats not cool!

  4. agreed
  5. yeah if that was my plant i would be sooo pissed off!!

    and just because you find in the woods dont mean itsa yours
  6. the lynch mobs out in force tonight lol.

    id say it was a indica stavita cross, as 4 the name i cudnt tell, theres so bloody many of them, seems like every1s crossin plants at random, givin them daft names and sellin the seeds at mad prices.
  7. i bet if i was in that position id take some too
    not all of it but some to blaze
    i mean yeah id b pissed if it was mine but would b happy they didnt take it all unless of course he did take it all
    then id b mad

    hey did u take it all
    cuz if u did then u deserve to be booed

    boo this man
  8. Though this guy has this plant it cant be given back its already been done. But I know that i could not do such a thing cos a person puts everything into growing that plant just to find it gone..WOOSH...all that work and hope and all their dreams up in smoke (and I dont mean in that way lol).......but that is one nice plant there lol.
  9. I'd do it :)

    Weed is too expensive in so cal :( If I lived anywhere else (where it's significantly cheaper) I would most likely only take a little piece, though!
  10. Hey, How may times do I have to do this? I can't assume that whoever (or whatever) left that plant to grow where I found it didn't have 9 more plants that I didn't see. Now, do I have to say what I would have done if that were the case? I don't owe a bunch of strangers an explanation. I don't have anything to prove to you. The only thing I would have to prove would be my "innocence" to the judge and that would go for all of you unless you're one of them.

  11. where does it say he stole it at?????????????
  12. I can't steal something that is not owned. If I take it then I merely possess it.
  13. marjiuana is illegal, the person shouldn't have been growing it anyway.

    Shit happens, guess the guy should grow indoors next time.

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