Another US warship collides with tanker...hacking??

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  1. So this is an obviously developing story still, but, I certainly have found it strange that we have had 4 issues recently with a warship colliding with another ship. I'm certainly not a sailor, but it seems pretty strange that you can miss a boat the size of a fucking tanker and run into it. It seems very strange...

    US Navy collisions stoke cyber threat concerns

    “There’s something more than just human error going on because there would have been a lot of humans to be checks and balances,” said Stutzman, a former information warfare specialist in the Navy.

    In a little noticed June 22 incident, someone manipulated GPS signals in the eastern part of the Black Sea, leaving some 20 ships with little situational awareness. Shipboard navigation equipment, which appeared to be working properly, reported the location of the vessels 20 miles inland, near an airport.

    That was the first known instance of GPS “spoofing,” or misdirection.

    Much more serious than jamming, spoofing interferes with location even as computer screens offer normal readouts. Everything looks normal – but it isn’t.
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  2. I was thinking the same thing
    I believe the last tanker involved was automated
    I wonder if someone screwed with the programming as an act of terrorism
    I would not put anything past them at this point.

    The GPS makes a lot of sense now
  3. that article has quite a few things in it, possibilities, including on board networks being made available thru downloading music and movies while at port. I heard an interview with a guy who spoke a lot about the systems that should be in place. Obviously the military has a ton of redundant checks and balances...including a few sailors who should be on watch on the deck, keeping an eye around the boat. seems like basic seafaring stuff to me, but from the sounds of it they may be relying too much on technology and not enough on basic seafaring principals that have worked for centuries.
  4. Incompetence. The most obvious cause is usually the answer.

    Hugely embarrassing for the US, the Soviets, Chinese, etc must be laughing their arses off.
  5. I'm glad you were able to come to that conclusion so easily and quickly.
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  6. It's the obvious conclusion to come to. I see no evidence for the conspiracy theory that it's "hacking".
  7. did you read the article? It proposed several reasons as to why this keeps happening. I have a hard time believing that 4 captains of US warships are completely incompetent. Time will tell, its certainly telling how easily and quickly you jump to conclusions though p.
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  8. Navy ships do not rely solely on GPS.
    Spoofing a gps would do nothing.
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  9. well the article and several interviews have suggested that maybe these guys are relying on the technology too much. I've seen several interviews with sailors saying that could very well be the breakdown, that they weren't taking watch seriously, or even doing it at all, because of the adundance of tech available.
    The navy said the 3 commanding officers from the last ship that got hit were re-assigned. Haven't really released any specifics as to why?
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  10. Right? What is this Wargames starring Michael J. Fox? Nobody realistically has the capabilities of hacking a navy ship!

    Now hold on while I turn on MTV and watch the new Duran Duran music video.
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  11. Drunks, looks like that new sea salt slurry the sailors are drinking is not working too well anymore.
  12. Are they back? :eek:

    I like a conspiracy theory as much as anyone but it's a bit early for that yet although I did have a giggle at the thoughts of a remote control battleship.

    I'd say it's down to incompetence - human error. Be that in the design or the use of these battleships who knows but I'd be sending all the navigation team back to school to start with.
  13. Not buying these theories of hacking. First of all a tanker hit the warship, not the other way around... As the article quickly moves on to discuss other incidents and propose a bunch of wild theories...
    Downloading movies wouldn't expose a warship's internal network. That's just an absurd idea. Torrents sunk our ships. Too much porn.

    Sounds like a simple case of someone fucking up.
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  14. Hanlon's razor

    Hanlon's razor is an aphorism expressed in various ways including "never assume bad intentions when assuming stupidity is enough", "never assume malice when stupidity will suffice", and "never attribute to malice that which is adequately explained by stupidity". It recommends a way of eliminating unlikely explanations for a phenomenon (a philosophical razor).
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  15. As a recent sailor who had to repair and maintain Aircraft Landing Systems on board aircraft carriers I can tell you from first hand experience working on shipboard equipment I will let you know most electronics on US ships are super outdated. Technology progresses way faster than the US implements that tech aboard it's vessels. By the time the testing of the tech and replacing systems aboard ships happens, new tech would be available. Therefore, to say that No one can hack a US Navy ship would be simply untrue.

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  16. Having latest tech is not always the best. That's why you don't see too many internet connected devices used by the military. Too open to access by anyone.
    Was any of the equipment you have worked on connected to an open network?
    Do you know what embedded os was used to run the GPS for example?
  17. I'll simply say there was a ship intranet. However, understand that I can't give too much information regarding this topic because much of it is considered Classified, Secret or Top Secret

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  18. I was just gonna post Ockham, but I definitely prefer Hanlon.
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  19. Just to think poor Brother William of Ockham was combating conspiracy theorists back in the 13th century.
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  20. They did it with our drones, why not with ships!!

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