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Another upcoming drug test..

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Ej1coupe, Oct 16, 2014.

  1. Hey everyone this is my first post here at GC. So the last 2 days I have done nothing but sit around and think of what to do with my upcoming drug test. Today is Wednesday and my test is on the 21st. I quit smoking for 1 month then smoked pretty steadily (1-3 bowls a day) for the last 3 weeks until yesterday. So I've been researching a lot on how to pass a drug test. I have no idea what type of test will be done. I applied for a company and they set my up for a physical/drug test at a local medical office. So from what I've gatherers here's what I've come up with as my options

    1) a friend of mine smokes about as much as I do and passed with this method. drink a bunch of water and take vitamin b2 the whole day before/day of the test. And be sure to pee midstream.

    2) another friend of mine passed with omni flush a few hours before his test. He drank it, drank a few glasses of water and took it. Not sure if I should do this along with vitamins method

    3) I know the most reliable would be to sub some clean urine in but I'm worried that since it's also a physical they might do the hold my balls and cough thing (don't laugh the nurse did that the last physical I had years ago) so I'm worried if I have a container they will find it. Also worried they watch me in the bathroom since this is for a larger company.

    4) I hear about the palo azul stuff but I'm in PA so I doubt I could get any here fast enough.

    I'm just stressing really hard I hate my current job and finally have a chance to move up. Ill beer forgive myself for starting again ughhh. But any advice appreciated I'm just so anxious right now and don't know what to do. I don't know if I should start chugging water now or what I should do here's some Info on me

    5"9, 145 pounds, average build not super skinny but not chunky either. I don't eat very well and my job involves sitting at a desk and answering the phone all day so I don't really do much physical activity. I'll be clean 7 days before the test. Just don't know. It would be awesome if I was a blood/saliva test. I'm sure it'll prob be a urine test and I hope it's not a hair test or I'll just walk out and say thanks

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